Owner of Pet Otter

Fashionable to look after an exotic pet, but vidra's pet is illegal in most settlements without permission. Animals are considered as wildlife and contain requirements that are different from the requirements of domestic pets.

Reasons Not to Own Your Horseshoes

You can allow yourself a pet home, here are some reasons you do not want to. Of course, if you work in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, then those reasons are not so much about you. Otter has a musky scent, and they are very similar to sponge's spray. They certainly are not animals.

Otters are Nocturnal At night they love hunting and the last sound you need at night while trying to sleep a splash of a vidra in the swimming pool.

Otters must be near the river

The lovers love to hunt fish on a river in a day. There is a chance that there is no safe access to a river. Otters learn about the survival ability of mothers.

Scouts need to learn how to feel beyond their mother. Her mother teaches these skills until 18 months of age.

Taking care of Otter

If you have permission for your otel, there are special requirements, you should consider it.

Water for swimming and eating

Otters spend most of their time in the water. They like to live in very cold water and have high metabolism to keep it warm. You can keep the air under water for up to 10 minutes. They are a playful animal who loves to hunt the fish and consume many shellfish, frogs, sea buckthorns and invertebrates.

However, keeping them in an unnatural closed place, these foods must be introduced. They eat 15-25 percent of their day-to-day body, and that's a lot of fish. You can spend up to five hours a day in the wild. They can grow to 100 pounds, so they plan to deliver a lot of food a day.

The Birth Behavior

Otter is very aggressive to keep domestic pets or other animals nearby because otter puts an animal into the water and eaten.

In any way you got a baby on otter and you want to raise yourself (do not go near an adult otter), you can see that there is more to cater for a pet vidra than your eye. For your sake and otter, why not pass on to the authorities who will know what to do to survive.

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