The best vitamin C serum – what is the concentration of the best vitamin C serum?

The best vitamin C serum concentration is a topic that comes out a lot. As vitamin C serum remains here, let's talk about the best concentration. There are some general options available on the market for C serum: the most commonly occurring 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%.

Let's start by discussing the vitamin C compound. Vitamin C is usually a very popular ingredient in skin care products as a free root warrior and promotes natural collagen production. It is a fact that the young skin is full of the compound. This is the only antioxidant known to promote collagen synthesis. Unfortunately, like many other structures and compounds in our body, the level of vitamin C in our skin is prone to a decrease in our time. If this happens, some negative effects on the skin. Collagen production slows down, one. If this happens, the connective tissue that blocks the young skin and smooths deformation causes wrinkles and sagging

The decreasing negative effect of vitamin C on your body is that your healthy cells are more prone to harming free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive compounds that try to remove an electron from healthy cells. If successful, cellular damage will occur, which will accelerate and lead to premature aging. If the vitamin C level is sufficient, they can give an electron to the free radicals. This stabilizes the previously reactive compound and helps to stop some cellular damage that may have occurred during the course.

Since vitamin C is a compound that is naturally occurring in our skin and body, it is ideal for the vital compound at a 20% concentration of serum. In fact, topical C may be about 20 times more effective than oral C. In the serum, critical thresholds have to be crossed in order to be effective. Too low concentration does not do much good. A concentration above 20% may cause skin irritation. 20% ideal.

Other factors to be found in the best vitamin C serum are the optimal carrier of the compound. Some examples are plant hyaluronic acid and organic Aloe. These carriers enable better and optimal penetration of C compound exactly where skin changes are required.

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