Online fundraising with Blog-a-Thons

Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can create a blog and get online money with the participation of a charity blog-a-thon. The wonderful blog-a-thons become an increasingly popular fundraising method.

What is blog-a-thon?

It's like a traditional fundraiser like marathon or walk-a-thon, except those stored on the internet. Participants write blog posts in a specific time frame to gain money and awareness for their cause.

Money can be collected in several ways. If a blogger has an established blog that earns money, then the income in the blog-a period cannot be given the reason. Bloggers may ask sponsors to entrust certain amounts to any blog post or blogging hours. The donation buttons can be placed on the blog to raise money from readers. In addition, an address can be published on the blog where contributions can be submitted.

Blog-a-thon storage has many advantages. There are no constants such as geographical location, weather, or physical condition of participants. Anyone with an Internet connection in the world can join the blog-a-thon. Your organization may acquire new sponsors from those who otherwise would not be able to participate in fundraising.

Participants who do not yet have a blog can create a blog for a-thon with free blog blogs such as Or, your organization can create blogs for your supporters in the subdomains of your site. Charitable blogging can also be used on Social Networking websites such as and Blog-a-thon can be held with any participant who is in the same place as a café with Wi-Fi access, or every blogger can find a blog where he is located.

As with any fundraiser, blog-a-thon should professionally join advanced design and publicity to succeed. Guidelines should be given that bloggers follow to get promises and contributions.

Fundraising with blogs can help a nonprofit organization raise money online. Try a blog-a-thon for the next fundraising organization.

Source by Amy Passmore

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