Dowry in Thailand

Introduction to Thai Dowries

Dowry has traditionally given any amount or gift to the bride of her future fiance. However, in many parts of Asia, the groom gives the cashier. Thailand is still practicing the retail system, the groom gives money or a gift to the bride's family before celebrating the marriage.

Thai dowry: A Brief Overview
Thais uses the term Sin Sod to give the bride a donation. Sin means wealth, while Sod means "store". In previous years, future grooms have cows, pedal boats, pigs and other livestock. The richer ones still provide the family with agricultural land. In modern times, however, Thai dowries are sold in cash.

Before donating, it is a custom in Thailand to carry out engagement ceremonies. This is often called Thong Mun. Thong Mun is literally a gold engagement. In this case, the soon impressive bride will receive a gold ring from her groom. Thong Mun is somehow similar to Western engagement practices. However, in recent years, Thong Mun's performance is more than one. Depending on pairs & # 39; decision, the wedding can move with or without Thong Mun.

How Much Should I Give?
There is no fixed amount for a dowry in Thailand. The range is variable. In the provinces, the Thai dowries usually range from 50,000 to 100,000 baht. Others are between 200,000 and 300,000 baht. Some are asking for more. In any case, this should not prevent the groom from agreeing to celebrate marriage in Thailand. Nowadays, the sums mentioned above are no longer charged. Often, as huge sums are given, the couple comes from the elite, or celebrities or high-ranking individuals. From this point of view, banks show their economic power and influence, which is contrary to their traditional significance. In addition to presenting the groom's financial abilities, a trip to Thailand is one of the ways to show that a brilliant and bright future is waiting for the bride. In addition, donations may be excluded for practical reasons. In other cases, even when asked about the groom, after the marriage they are returned to the couple to serve as their future husband and wife as an initial investment.

Factors Determining Donation Amount
Thai dowries are usually determined by the social and economic condition of the bride. If the bride comes from a rich family, well trained and has no previous marriage, the family can expect to receive a huge amount of money. In any case, men still need to be cautious for their families who take advantage of their financial resources. On the other hand, brides and children with previous marriages receive small sums. Brides who have ever been involved in prostitution or other sex trafficking are not receiving any money at all.

The Reason Behind The Thai Dowries
For those who wonder why there is a Thai dowry system, there are many reasons for this habit. As already mentioned, prisoners are an example of the financial stability of the groom. Second, this is the motto of the bride's parents. This method is designed to recognize your parents' efforts to educate their children. Thirdly, the indication of the donation indicates that the bride is expected to live with her husband and must share her husband's economic capacity and not with her family anymore.

Legal Consequences
No Thai law provides for the grant of Thai donations. Culture and tradition are clearly rooted.

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