One Way Links to Count

One of the best ways to get your business going online is to get many unidirectional connections. The best links come from websites that are closely related to the web theme. However, it is getting harder to get the one-way links that matter. Site owners or webmasters are either too busy to view your request or just have no interest in connecting to their sites.

An easy but effective solution exists, creating your own closely related topic blog on a high-ranking website. The use of free blog services, such as or WordPress, is not the biggest one, as many bloggers need content before the search engines will consider this blog in their algorithm. Search engines also know that your blog belongs to you, which reduces the weight. Think of your friend saying that this new restaurant is one of the best ever to be more likely to believe than you say to the restaurant owner, right? The same applies to a blog that did not register on your behalf. It carries a lot more weight, especially a close-up blog. You need a community affiliate, a blog where you can not register in your name. This community blog should also have good inbound links to ensure that Page Rank is moved to the money-making websites.

Why blog? The blog is easy and easy to create. You can add a lot of content that is linked to your site. So every time you put content on your blog, you can add keywords that you need and point to money-making websites for those keywords. All keywords are counted to rank the site on a page. This will greatly increase your page rank Page Rank.

A topic similar to the blog is a completely "white hat" technique. It will count on the search engine result in the coming years, if not forever. Thanks to this technology, a whole new page came from Page Rank 0 to get Page Rank 7 for only 9 weeks. If this blog service puts this on a completely new website, you can be sure it does the same for money-earning pages.

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