How do I start a blog?

So you want to start a blog but do not know how to start a blog? Of course – it may seem difficult, but in fact it's a very simple thing.

Just to make sure we're on the same page – The blog is short for the web log. There are so many blogs that the choice really depends on what you want to use for your blog. Maybe it's conversational, expert, comic, news related, or just ramblings about what's going on in the sun. Everything is fine – you will always be in good company, as there are thousands of new blogs a day. So – if so many people are beginning to make people do it? How does a blog start?

Free vs cheap

When you start, you have a choice. Want to go for a free blog service or want to control more on your blog and pay him monthly.

The Free Advantages of


Well, let's see – FREE. Yeah, that's nice. And if you're new to blogging, it's a good starting point. Make it easy to get started, get online, and start writing. Two of the most popular free blog houses are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger allows you to place ads on your blog if you want to try a little bit of money. WordPress can do the same but are very strict about content / money that WordPress has tried.

Disadvantages for free

Well, if you break their rules, even if you do not want to, they can suspend your blog without notifying you. It's very stink if you work hard and suddenly your blog is gone. The people you are looking for will not find it. Content is no longer available, and of course – just tick when they do this.

Then there is the "Cheap" option

Benefits Advantages

Well, that's not free – but you can create a blog in your own storage account and its own domain for $ 15 for the first month (domain $ 10, hosting $ 5 / month) and $ 5 each month. So – it's really cheap. In addition – the blog can not be suspended. You can control templates, layout, colors, ads, and just about everything else you can imagine. It's a great way to get started if you want a bug.

Disadvantages of budget

It takes some time to create and run a blog. Not long yet – but a little. This is the more complicated way to start blogging.


If you just start online and want to blog quickly and easily – go to the free option. If you have some experience with the websites and want to do your blogs or earn money on blogging – go for cheap travel

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