No dietary supplements to stay healthy

Do you buy diet supplements?

If You Answer "Keep Your Health" you are not the sign.

I take Kirkland Mature Multi because my daughter insists (and Pay). Otherwise, I'm going with Dr. Donald McCormick, Ph.D. and Emory University professor of biochemistry, who said, "They waste a lot of money to provide unnecessary supplements to the millions of people who do not need them." This is the Emory University That people who are 65 years of age or older are practically half of the nutritionally-consuming diets you eat.

If you are one of them, it's time to think about keeping your strategy healthy. You can continue to pursue a goal through these.

1. Eat:

Your body is going through dramatic changes as you age. One of these is the deceleration of metabolism. This means your body can not digest foods as much as before.

Maltically digestible foods need to be eaten in order to remedy this situation.

If we act differently, uncooked foods accumulate in some places, that is, face, arms, legs, and ugly fats.

Healthy eating, consult your doctor or nutritionist about what to go You are your diet.

Orange and lime are high in vitamin C while dark fruits such as berries, pomegranates and cherries are high antioxidants. Bananas, plums and dried plums have high potassium for strength and proper cellular function.

It also slows down aging by removing toxins from the body. Leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and rucola are rich in vitamin B (folic acid) which is good against anemia and nerve functions.


And Delicious


Milk products like milk, cheese and yogurt are full of calcium. Strong bones were built and maintained, preventing the spread of bones.

The milk product may use milk if it is lactose intolerant. Also calcium-rich. Avoid non-pasteurized dairy products as they may have harmful microbes, for example, Ecoli bacteria 19459004


Cereals and beans are very important in high fiber, especially when they have problems with digestive tract.

Help to prevent irregular bowel movements that can lead to unhealthy complications, such as colon cancer. 2. Drink plenty of water:

Drainage capacity, so it tends to dry out – one of the main reasons for emergency care among the elderly. The age group has a high mortality rate.

Avoid dehydration when we consume at least 8 oz (8 oz.) Of watery glass (approx. 3 liters) daily.

Soda, coffee, or tea can not replace water because they can affect your body in the other way. Even herbs can not substitute for water.

If you feel like eating a fruit juice, make yourself and not those who come from a grocery store filled with sugar and other preservatives. 3. According to WebMD, every fourth, one or four elderly people in the ages of 65 and 74 regularly exercise different causes, such as being too old or in their shape, or simply lazy for extensibility. Their muscles.

Practice is always good, regardless of age. You need it in your age.

Feels stronger, happier and more enthusiastic in life. It prevents loss of bone density, improves balance and coordination, increases memory, and minimizes the occurrence of chronic conditions such as asthma.

Choose a less powerful workout program to avoid excessive effort. For example, 30 minutes a day for quick and beautiful walking, cycling or tai-chi is good enough to bend your muscles and joints and strengthen your cardiovascular system

. Sleep enough:

There are no standard hours per night, but six to seven hours a night will sleep good for you.

Your body and mind have much to rest; Rejuvenate and summon you for the next day's activity.

Take days off during the day. They've been good for the elderly like you.

5. Find balance between the mind, the body, and the soul:

We are all of body, soul, and soul. They are inseparable. They go where they go and do what you do. And everyone should give attention and care.

You can do this by eating a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy mind

. Without balancing it, it would suffer from physical and mental changes with aging. According to Leanne Beattie 15 to 50% of the elderly suffer from bad nutrition or malnutrition While others have a sedentary lifestyle

Together they contribute to people's health and well-being problems between the ages of 65 and older , And consumes one third of their monthly budgets.

way. As a retired person, you have to enjoy life if you do not spend your time with your doctor and your money with expensive medicines under medical conditions.

By changing your lifestyle and living in a few minutes with sweating, you can enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Source by Joseph Dabon

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