Bahamas weather – Best and worst months to go

Bahamas weather can be predicted in the fall when islands typically receive large amounts of rain but do not prevent Caribbean vacationers from scanning. ] The islands are the most popular tourist destinations in the region, mainly due to cruise ship visits from a number of US ports along the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern coast.

The weather in the Bahamas is cooler and Like most other places in the region.

Bahamas temperature

Although the islands are a Caribbean destination, they are actually in the North of the Caribbean

The northern location results in cooler air and water temperatures in the late fall and early spring

The average monthly high Temperature around 84 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

The average monthly low temperature is 69.5 degrees. The average Bahamian temperature is the lowest in the region, partly because the islands lie north of all other Caribbean destinations.

Bahamas rain per month

The average monthly precipitation is highest in the month, 4.6 inches.

The average monthly rainfall per month is about 12, and the highest among them. According to WMO, the rainy days average on a monthly basis:

  • January – 8
  • February – 6
  • March – 7
  • April – 8
  • May – 10
  • June – 15
  • July – 17
  • August 19
  • September – 17
  • October – 15
  • November – 10
  • December -18

The Bahamas weather in July, August and September average monthly high temperatures are about 89 degrees, while the highs are lower than 80 degrees below December to March.

July to October is 7.4 inches per month, from 9.3 inches in the year to August and 19 in the afternoon.

Rainfall from December to March is only 1.9 inches per month

Best Time to Go to the Bahamas

The best time to get to the Bahamas is spring spring as it causes warm temperatures and lower rainstorms.

To avoid the weather in the Bahamas, anyone who wants to visit the islands, from December to March due to the cool weather

If the cool beaches and water are no problem, winter time is good Due to rain, as the chance of low rainfall is the Bahamas weather from June to October – and especially June and August – due to rain.

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