Montana University, Missoula – Five Tips for Traveling Missoula to Amtrak Train and Bus

Missoula, Montana is the second largest city in the state and one of the finest metropolis in the country. Montana University provides educational and cultural anchor to the West Montana city. Unfortunately, Missoula lost its service in Amtrak in 1979 and the only low-cost airline is flying to the city directly to the southwest.

For UM students and other residents in the Missoula area using Amtrak and a combination of buses The cheapest way to travel to other parts of the country. Here are five ideas / tips for traveling to Missoula:

One: If we go west to Missoula, do not ignore Amtrak's recommendation to connect with the Whitefish train. Amtrak, a sign of the Empire Builder Road between Chicago and Seattle / Portland, indicates that the link between Whitefish, MT and Missoula is available. The Rimrock Stages, part of the Trailways system, provides the service. Unfortunately, Rimrock's schedule does not work well with the Amtrak's western agenda.

The Whitefish single bus leaves at 11:35 pm and arrives in Missoula about three and a half hours later. It works well when it comes from Washington or Idaho, and the train arrives at Whitefish at 07:26. It's not convenient when you arrive east and the train arrives at Whitefish at 9:16. The next day you need to get a hotel before you get to the bus home.

Two: If you come from Missoula, you should not join the Amtrak in Whitefish. The only Rimrock bus leaves Missoula at 8:00 and arrives at Whitefish around 11:25. We've missed the East Ship Empire Builder train for the day. The Western train leaves Whitefish 10 hours later – long wait!

Three: The best way to connect to Missoula Amtrak in Spokane, Washington. Greyhound Lines is a convenient schedule that works well with the Amtrak. Part of the beauty of Spokane's connection is that trains arrive from both directions and start early in the morning. So if you go to Missoula, the train arrives in Spokane no later than 2:00 pm. Take the 5:05 hour Greyhound bus and arrive at Missoula at 10:30. There is a 9:10 hour bus from Missoula, which arrives at Spokane at 12:35. The earliest train leaves Spokane at 1:15.

Four: Spokane's connection is simple, as Greyhound uses Spokane's train station as a warehouse. Because the connections take place in the middle of the night, this is very convenient.

Five: Empire Builder is a fully maintained train. Whether you experience the Amtrak's Advanced Training Service with a meal and big pillows or a Superliner sleeping compartment, you should take precautions. By purchasing tickets pre-purchased for both Amtrak and Greyhound services, you may be able to receive discounted pre-purchase fees or special students and elderly discounts.

Source by Charles Self

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