Long life for Swivel Sweeper battery

The Swivel Sweeper battery is a 7.2 volt rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery. The hedge can last for 45 minutes and can be used for two to three years. But the optimum ability of the battery and the device can only be achieved if its nature is fully understood to know that it has proper care and handling. For example, the proper charging process should be maintained between the proper maintenance and storage.

As described in the manufacturer's manual for each kit of the cleaning machine, the battery charger must be connected to a standard US socket (UL / uCL- 120V AC 60Hz or TUV / UK0 220-240V AC 50 / 60Hz). The arrow in the charger must match the arrow on the rechargeable battery and then be in the charger. In front of the battery charger, a red light is on, which switches on when charging starts. This will also turn off when the battery is already charged.

Other charging reminders indicated in the instruction manual. The first charge for the newly purchased battery is only eight hours. The excitement of the new owner should not lead to a shortening of charge development. The user's impatience can not cause battery charging for more than 8 hours. The length of the fees may not exceed the amount of the fee used. However, the battery should be disconnected from the charger after charging is complete. Do not hold the charger longer than 24 hours. Built-in red light indicates that the battery is still charging, follow.

Most of the battery-powered devices use the battery as a so-called battery. He blames "memory". It is thought that if the battery is not fully charged before charging the battery, the battery "notes" the slightly lower output voltage. But with modern technology, this concept is rarely realized. What really happens is the crystallization of the plate. The battery loses its original capacity and uses the power more quickly. This is because the charging is not completely discharged due to the irregular use of the devices. Batteries that are charging even after full recovery will suffer. Overcharging will damage the batteries, reduce their performance, and shorten their life.

To cancel this, the user must fully charge the battery before recharging. It must be repeated three times. The subsequent costs may be shallow but should be deeply re-cycled after approx. Avoid overcharging too.

Make sure that you only use the supplied charger and other alternatives. Remove the battery when cleaning the dirt tray and the appliance. Turn off the tool when removing its parts and hold the charger and battery dry by hand. The battery should be cleaned from all the contaminants accumulated by the collector. The machine should be pulled out of the machine even if it is not in use and in a cool, dry place and children are away from it.

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