What is the average speed of male ejaculation?

If a man is ready for ejaculation, his body is undergoing numerous events.

You will see the growth of the penis's head And the head may become purple. Cowper's gland is "pre-cum" fluid that is emptied of its urethra. They move toward the bodies of the testicles and their size will increase. There may also be body lines, muscle tension, heart rate, and rising blood pressure.

Before ejaculation, you will experience contractions in your iron deferens, seminars, and prostate (Ejaculate) to collect your penis in the pool. You will feel a "tickling" feeling. When you are ready for ejaculation, you will feel "puffed" around your bladder.

Ejaculation leaves your penis at approximately the same rate as a city bus, about 28 miles per hour. But it can reach 43 miles per hour, depending on the last time it came. (All the fun and games until someone loses their eyes!)

Once ejaculated, his skull and heres return to their normal size. You will receive a general feeling of relaxation and experience a refractory period (where you can not physically get a new erection). This can take a few minutes and a long time depending on your age.

Sex Tip: If you do not have a return point, you can prevent it from crushing (but very cautiously) the ejaculation of the penis tip.

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