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Thai is the mother tongue of the largest ethnic group in Thailand, the Thai people, and talks between 60 and 65 million people. Thailand is an official language of the nation of Thailand, Thailand, and parts of Cambodia and North Malaysia are native Thai speakers.

If you plan on planning in Thailand, perhaps for a vacation, and especially when planning a business for business purposes, you may want to study the Thai language. During your holiday, language learning will allow you to enjoy and appreciate Thai culture more, but you may find it well in business that the Thai language skills and native speakers' speaking skills can be a significant advantage. Moreover, there is no doubt that people from Thailand who have grown up overseas or in the West and who are perhaps not so fluent in Thai as they wish – if you are such a person, you should consider Thai learning. For example, if you would like to communicate better with your relatives.

Thai is often considered one of the hardest languages, especially for those who do not yet know the related language. However, this reputation does not prevent you, as there are many tools and resources that can help you learn the Thai language better than before. Numerous computer Thai courses exist and many find it very useful.

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