Traveling around the South Island of New Zealand by renting a campervan

New Zealand's South Island is an incredibly diverse island. You are never far from the sea or the Alps, and there are all kinds of varieties. There are so many sights and attractions on the South Island that it is a good idea to have time to absorb everything. Whether you want an adventure or some relaxing trip, one of the best ways to travel to the South Island on a leased field.

You can start a New Zealand Campervan charter from many locations in South Island, including Christchurch, Picton and Nelson, and Queenstown and Dunedin. All you have to do is go, fly or catch the ferry to South Island and collect a camp at an airport. Any of the pickup points will be a great place to start the off-road vehicle.

You know some research and you can work on a route on one side of the southern island, on the other or across your favorite spots, depending on your interests. Whichever one chooses to see the South Island, you find plenty to worry about. Traveling in the off-road vehicle gives you the flexibility to go where the mood takes you. Keep it a little longer than you planned or go when it was enough. It's a vacation that gives you time to relax and really enjoy your vacation.

The North Gate of the South Island is located in the magnificent town of Marlborough, Picton. Take a stroll and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the stunning scenery. Not far away, one of New Zealand's sunniest parts. Nelson is actually known as sunshine and has amazing hiking trails, beautiful beaches, vineyards, crafts and outdoor activities.

One of the most memorable excursions you can ever make is to travel along the west coast of South Island. The landscape is wonderful, and friendly people enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Stay in cities such as Greymouth, Westport and Hokitika, and spend some time with locals. If you are on a campsite, no one keeps the strict schedule so you have plenty of time to get recommendations for the best places where you can stop and visit.

Next to the west coast, the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers are astonished. Travel through Haast on the crystal clear waters of the Hawea Lake before wondering Wanaka and Queenstown – you can visit fantastic places, no matter what season you are.

Visit the same number of wonderful places on the east coast. In Christchurch's beautiful suburbs, you can get to nearby Akaroa on Banks Peninsula and then get on the beach to do whaling in Kaikoura. At the center of the southern island there are glorious lakes and mountains. With a camp fire you can enjoy a lot of time on every mile of the trip.

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