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My grandfather was an expert horse (after returning from the European battlefield, in the 1920s and 1930s cattle migrated to Birdsville and Kidman Cattle- Empire of Western Queensland Properties) and an expert in horse survey before a race, just watched to walk and go to the gate. My dad loves novel stories on countless occasions when he was standing on the track with my grandfather and watching that his chips are very likely to win the limit. (It was Brisbane's Albion's sandpipes – one day he wins 5 winners in a total of 7 races, only with the horses marching. Of course this has long gone, and now the trots and the Dogs).

Even today, a competitor on the field can gain a huge advantage over the final selection of the tournament (though less so today with live streaming between Cable TV and the Internet) . Unfortunately, it is impossible to learn how to judge the fitness of a competition from appearing from day to day. I'm sure my grandfather still feels good to practice when, despite technological changes, he can get to the field, but I will not be surprised to inherit his skills.

The horses come in all sizes and the big horse's fitness is harder to judge than a smaller one. There are indicators that can be searched, but they start. Like everything else, practice is the most important.

General Rules

Let's start with small field races … with lots of fields and poor tournaments with lots of runners Be a Major there.

There are the basics here …


This is not a simple test, They tend to sweat when they are very fit or very unsuitable. However, a really fit horse will probably be less tiring than an unsuitable horse. The accumulation of sweat by horse hair can be a good sign. This means that he announces that he is going and loved to compete. A light ring among the hind legs of the horse is a sign of enthusiasm for sweating. Be careful, but if you notice heavy sweating, some of the horses sweat heavily, regardless of fitness through machining and nervousness – horses that have started a true sweat near the start Competition must be avoided. They are unlikely to be the best.

However, the shiny shields of the shields often dry out as soon as they slide down to the start. It's a good idea to take the binoculars to check how they are doing while down the line. Sometimes TV viewers have a good point of view at this point that they should make choices.

Usually, a shiny coat indicates a healthy and fitting animal. Sadness is rather the opposite. Again, do not judge this attribute, as some of the horses rarely have their shiny coats whatever.

Muscle Tone

Determining horse muscles is probably the most significant factor. There are many places to look for but for beginners to focus on:

First look at the back quarters (behind the saddle) . Approximately one quarter of the point looks for a sharply defined line up to the hind legs. This muscle line is very obvious when it's there and it's a very good indication of horse status … the sharper the line, the better.

Second, look at your belly and rib. The invisibility of visible ribs does not indicate excess fat. Of course, it should not be too prominent or the horse can not be nourished. Finally, look over your chest, especially above the forelegs. Well-defined muscles are pure signs of fitness.

Finally check all the behavior and behaviors of the horse. The horse walks around the paddock, upside down and looks silent, probably not fit. Want to see a flexible step and bright eyes that are sharp and alert. A calm-looking horse will probably work better than someone who is nervous.

Those horses that revolve around and grow up, waste vital energy

How inexperienced the paddock is to judge – sometimes you know when you see a horse very fit. This feeling is instinct and can be built through practice.

Do not forget never to judge a potential winner with a unique look. First, you should have narrowed down the area with some good preliminary research or system. If you learn to use this visual skill as the final 10% of your process, you will surely get extra food that the other hosts will not benefit from.

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