Search Marketing – the Past, the Present and the Future

1997-1999 was the first year of the search engine era. Internet Marketing and more specifically search engine marketing has mainly understood how to submit your sites to search engines. These "past tones" can still be heard today when search engine optimization and / or automated submission software claim that search engine promotion is provided to your site by submitting hundreds of thousands of engines and directories. Search Engines Indexing programs, known as "robots" or "spiders", looked through all of the HTML code on the page and used page layout algorithms that were secretly kept.

Those days were spammers. Heaven: It's easy to reach your site. You can use keywords many times on the page, in META tags, in HTML comments, etc. And hide human visitors with HTML with a tiny or completely invisible text. Search engines did not have the sophisticated technology that recognizes this kind of spam, and these sites are usually very high. Today you can still find some examples of this primitive optimization (even if you have to do a hard test because nowadays most of these web projects are blocked by search engines for excessive keyword usage).

The only exception was Yahoo, which was always shown by people who can identify and block spamming most of the time.
Gradually, search engines have begun to recognize junk mail and apply appropriate penalties to websites using spam methods. However, search engine optimizers have always found one step behind the search engines to find new ways to cheat the indexing algorithms. Every search engine here has committed itself to delivering relevant results to its visitors, the engines that are needed to keep control away from spammer and automatic senders. Many people began to try different ways of indexing.

Google's rise

If someone asks for the first search engine to remember 100%. Google started off as the king of search engines in 2000, and in 2002 its right to use title was firmly established with about 70% of searches on the Internet. While other search engines have focused on moving to universal portals, Google simply and, as a separate feature, provides a quick interface that provides strictly targeted relevant search results.

Google has also developed advanced features such as indexing and searching for PDF (portable document format) and SWF (shock wave) files. In addition, Google's sophisticated techniques have been extremely resistant to the use of "off-the-page" factors. Google's dominance became steady in 2000 as Yahoo moved from Inktom to Google as a secondary search provider. Now Yahoo uses the combination of Overture and its own search software and index files, making it completely independent of Google, though it has the least impact on the latter's dominance.

Global Consolidation

By 2001, the results of all major engines were produced from a number of mixed / hybrid sources. Yahoo search results combined Yahoo directory listings, Overture (PPC) results, and Google results. MSN has resulted in Overture (PPC), LookSmart, and Inktomi results.

Between 2002 and 2003, major search engines were purchased through search engines: during this period, Google purchased, purchased Yahoo Inktomi, AltaVista and AllTheWeb as part of Overture become. In addition, many shifts caused by emerging search engines have also occurred. In addition, in this course, we get a full and effective relationship between contemporary search engines.

Search Marketing Today

If you now think search engine marketing can still be done by acquiring (and using) auto-reporting software, leave this idea from now on. Search engine marketing requires an integrated approach to improve site content, quality, and popularity. In order for a website to reach its highest potential, you need to build audience audience analysis, competitive analysis, cost-per-click optimization, and last but not least copywriting and copyediting. And as things remain unchanged, search engine marketing will have to spend a lot of time on top of the SEO industry and trends.

Today, very few (and mostly inexperienced) optimizers / marketers are using spam methods to achieve high rank. In many cases spamming and so-called "black-hat" SEO are recognized by automatic spiders, which are becoming more intelligent. Even though we write great courses at the end of this course, we only do it for the sake of consciousness. We do not recommend using it, as there is no guarantee that you will be able to provide assistance where it is very likely that your web visibility may be severely impaired.

Search engines have become a sophisticated system and will undoubtedly continue to develop technical aspects and offer better opportunities to index deep inside pages (many links away from the original site). Additionally, the ability to handle dynamically generated pages (such as shopping carts) is expected to increase. Other perspectives include non-HTML content indexing (such as PDF and graphics), quick integration of new content, such as news on XML feeds or other technologies, organizing search results into logical categories (sometimes clustering), and other Advanced features. To learn about the future of your search, visit Google Labs ( ). This is the beta area where Google introduces some of its upcoming technology.

The traditional "highest bidder" approach, however, compares SEM to traditional print advertising. The integrated approach of SEM predicts that the best marketing efforts in the future are to use the three components: paid ads and analyzes, unilateral site and content optimization, and quality off-the-page factors. That's why we want to call the webmaster's "Search Engine Marketing" features rather than the "Search Engine Optimization" feature. If everything has been said and done, the traffic you receive and how this traffic is transformed is important – even your site is not in the search engine. Ranking is worse than your competitor, but the percentage of visitors to buyers will be so high that they will outweigh their competitors.

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