Ireland – 5 Star Hotels Never Low!

True, in 2010, you get a little money. However, for those who have some bobs and would like to experience some wonderful scenery and heritage in Ireland, luxury has never been better value at the top 5 star accommodation end.

Over the last 15 years, Ireland was one of the most over-the-counter- The advanced industries were hotel constructions. By saving investors' rent income they could boast valuable tax cuts, hotels across the country. Some are placed in very questionable places and dubious operating conditions. Instead of building a solid business model for the construction of a hotel, taxation was the first aspect that placed the car in front of the horse. The inevitable consequence of the wholesale scams in the industry is enormous pressure at the top end of the market with 5-star hotels that pay € 300 per room and night – € 400 in the boom, which offers outstanding value to those who can make special deals.

The perfect example of the truly good value is one of Ireland's most famous hotels, the stunningly beautiful Ashford Castle, the Cong, Mayo County. The Ashford Castle is one of Ireland's first five-star hotels and has been home to and from all over the world, including US presidents and famous movie stars. From now until the end of March 2010, room rates can be embedded for three nights, for EUR390. This room costs EUR 65 per person per night for breakfast. Absolutely outstanding value!

The Ashford Manor Hotel is the Dromoland Castle in Clare County, another beautiful 5-star hotel located just south of Ennis. By the end of March it offers the same offer. There are many other examples of good deals in refined hotels if you just look for them. This is a buyer's market at the top of Ireland's accommodation now

With such offers it is now time to keep this exclusive, indulgent break in Ireland that you have always promised yourself. Take full advantage of it if you can. This is a bad wind that does not blow good!

Source by Seamus Maguire

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