Should we ask the authority?

What are our authorities? The Church, our government, law enforcement. . . our boss? And why should we ask them? Better go away alone and follow it – it's safer. In addition, it provides some degree of security in the next step and is easier to question; interrogation is actually hard work – and dangerous. So why bother her? If we lift our heads up, maybe it'll bounce!

However, some people have a natural objection to power. At best, it is antisocial, and worst case, but it never blocks them – in the first light of injustice and action. Looks like they always have their antennas, looking for a pretext for rebellion.

Christ and the Buddha were the two most important religious figures in the world. In their own way, they revolted about the religions and circumstances of their age. They certainly did not have followers! They forged their own way, boldly and without fear, as they changed the world.

Christ had sacrificed his life in a few years, and the Buddha sacrificed his life irrespective of his eighteen-year life, living his homelessness and wearing rags. He did not accept any authority except the power in his heart. Both men saw something that most people are going to flee – a way to get rid of their power, yet we find something much more freedom.

Will we be Christlike or Buddha-like? This is a serious question. If we know, we can find the freedoms they have found, but in order to be Christlike or Buddha, we should not look for what they are looking for and not their parrot. In other words, their pursuit of truth preserved and enlightened them, not following a religion, rules, or practices. They have historically disregarded the empowerment of Jewish and Hindu traditions and have forged their own way. Only this kind of spontaneity replaces consciousness.

But here we are, under the control of Islam, Buddhism or Christianity, and religious wars. There are few fundamental changes in humanity. Why is this? Are there occasions that instead of buying these people, instead of sweeping the hot beads as they did, we strive to follow our words comfortably and then take the easy path away?

Our religion will be a calm social matter where we feel good, while we follow things that Christ and the Buddha would regard as selfish. Decadent leaders are convinced that this is the right thing to do. They went so far as to suggest that as much money as we can and enjoy ourselves in the religious way.

Do not question these drivers & # 39; because if we really strive for what Christ and the Buddha thought, our comfortable life as we know ends. We would call our families an antisocial, deadly dads or moms, and perhaps even more humiliating. If Christ was to return to earth today, I am sure he is completely imprisoned as a vagrant or perhaps an illegal alien! . . . Maybe it's too late for us.

Why are we trying to find God in ourselves when we are so entertained, people can ask. I would say; look at your life – look deeply – about unfulfilled desires, conflicts and uncertainty.

In Christian terms, God wants Him alone. You know, it's just fun and we're looking forward to you. But how can we only think about Him? That would be boring! The interesting thing, too, is that thinking about Him does not make a fundamental change in the life of our life because we can not approach the world of thinking.

According to the Christian observant saints, the image of God (the old man with a white beard or spirit) does not even plan on a serious level of meditation and deeply contemplative prayer. The mind is clear of all thoughts and images, and through this nullity God shows us his true face. This is the only place where fundamental changes are taking place. When we look at a fire, we can see how far the track is where we went, where there is little love, and even ours. their own families regularly break out. Economics and entertainment have become our Gods, they are really, and we're all talking about it. What can we do if we have to do everything?

I have an idea; why not try what Christ and the Buddha have tried-seeking for truth? We do not have to go to church or give money to a preacher; all we have to do is enter as the two men did. It is not difficult to do so, but it's hard to leave our commitment to our money and entertainment to seriously pray or meditate.

It only means practicing prayer and meditation, and sincerely seeking the truth in you, just as Christ and the Buddha did. It will not cost a penny, and if someone seeks education, the instruction is wrong – it does not fall into it; access to truth must always be free.

And yes, we always have to question the authority.

Source by E. Raymond Rock

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