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Is the "SAN" Nigeria Senior Advisor? This is a rank for a Nigerian lawyer, as a distinction between professional practice. This is the peak that any practicing lawyer can access in Nigeria. The award of SANship started in 1975. But before that, Nigeria accepted the British equivalent, the councilor of the queen. Boss F.R.A Williams and H.O. Boss Davies were the first two Nigerians, who in 1958 were royal councilors. In 1964, the rank was abolished in Nigeria and did not change until 1975.

Thus, there is no ranking system between Nigerian lawyers between 1964 and 1975. In fact, every lawyer was the same. But on April 3, 1975, Dr. Williams and Dr. Nabo Graham-Douglas became the first two to be named. This meant a new phase in the history of legal profession in the country. There are currently over 60,000 lawyers in Nigeria, but only 349 of them have been Niger's lawyers.

The leading lawyer in Nigeria becomes the guidance of the guidelines. The guidelines show who becomes a SAN. So what are these guidelines?

Guide to Appointment SAN

The committee established by law ensures strict compliance with the directives. The Legal Committee of Legal Professionals is the committee in question. The awarding of SANship is an annual event. Lawyers within the ranks are responsible for turning to the committee. Guidelines to be examined by the Committee to determine who to award the prize are:

1. The applicant must be a Nigerian citizen

. She had to practice for about 40 years in Nigeria before she could apply it.

3. Must be in full legal practice.

4. You got yourself a lawyer.

5. You must be a nice person.

6. It has certainly contributed significantly to the development of legal profession in Nigeria.

7. At the time of the application form, a N 200,000 non-refundable amount shall be reimbursed. This amount can be reviewed at any time by the committee.

8. The Committee shall submit to the Committee at least 10 Judicial Bodies to which the High Court of Justice has appeared in the disputed cases. The committee may choose from any of the 3 optional submissions to be made by the applicant.

9. You must provide a list of the associates you've been dealing with. Three of the committee may elect the applicant's confidential reference.

10. Provide the details of the disputed cases that were personally handled in that order:

  • 8 High Court Judgment
  • 6 Judgment of the Court of Appeal,
  • Three judgments of the Supreme Court.

11. He regularly rewarded his practitioner fees and his membership was due to the local representation of the Nigeria Bar Association during the last 10 years of application

. You must submit proof of income tax payment for the 3 years prior to the submission of the application

. The task of the committee is to carry out the physical check of the applicant chambers to evaluate the following:

  • directory size and quality
  • places and other options available,
  • number and quality of supporting staff,
  • maintaining proper accounting records,
  • number of lawyers who must not be less than 5.

If the applicant is an academic, the published works in addition to the above considerations.

The remuneration of the Nigerian Advocate is primarily for lawyers. The extension of fees to non-judicial lawyers such as scientists is the only exception.

Functions and Benefits of the SAN

1. Order List – The Nigerian Advocate sitting in the inner bar by occupying the first row of seats available to legal practitioners. This also includes the right of SAN to mention its other pre-lawyers' affairs, regardless of their qualifications.

2. Appearance in court – The SAN should always appear in court before a young lawyer. Attendance to a junior attorney can, however, be waived if the case is guilty.

3. Appeal – SAN's dress differs from other lawyers. She is dressed in dresses, made of silk material, giving a more elegant look. SANs are called "silk" for clothing materials

. Professional fees – SAN also has a privilege to charge higher fees than other lawyers can charge.

Above all, the benefits of SANs, the feeling of psychological fulfillment, is Odd. This explains why competition in the rankings is always intense and enthusiastic. Every year out of hundreds, if not thousands of legal professionals, but only one candidate is selected.

Source by Kehinde Nathaniel Adegbite

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