The Most Important 3 Effects of Rejection on Women's Life

Women's basic necessity is acceptance. A woman must absolutely love and love. When God created the woman he did so from a man's rib to be acceptable to her. After God presented him, Adam said, "This is my bones from my bones and the meat of my flesh", that is, completely and unconditionally accepted. It is true that over the years she has been looking for a man's acceptance and this is a vital part of her life.

Since the child's birth date, it is important that men are in the family, that is, the father and siblings must accept him, love him and nurture him. Any form of rejection in this application period will cause very serious damage to the girl's personality. It also follows that in any of the later years of life, any form of rejection by men in their lives, whether they be a friend, a husband or a lover, is also very damaging.

After studying some of the effects of rejection I examined a woman's life, the following three most important things: When a woman is rejected, self-esteem Hard hit. My English thesaurus describes self-esteem: self-esteem, sense of value, trust or self-esteem. So you can imagine this woman goes through losing feelings or self-esteem. Often they are looking for young girls who are harsh, prostituting, dealing with crime and drugs. They are grown up as unkind women who have lost the society's rubbish. Even if a woman grows up when men accept her family, but her lover, friend or husband will not be accepted in her life later. Life can only turn around and find women born of respectable families who have a well-trained or meaningful career but are weak or weak in the absence of self-esteem.


Women spend a lot of time and money, trying to look good or try to accept their acceptance. They spend thousands of dollars each day in buying fashionable clothes, some of which are just worn and thrown away. They spend a lot of money on cosmetics, perfumes, jewelery, hair extensions and facelifts. All this is in the hope that people will notice and accept them. Please do not be fooled by the need for basic hygiene and makeup so that it looks good and needs a nice, well-fitting dress; But there's the other extreme I'm talking about; Obsession. Some women have virtually artificial lives in front of the mirror or shopping malls just to look good. They spend a lot of time and money, and in most cases men do not notice or realize it, but they do not take these women seriously. When they need meaningful relationships, they return to the basics and choose the most basic or simple woman.

It is thus gone that when a woman becomes Pre-occupied and concentrates her efforts on this matter she does not live in peace. Satisfied in life or in inner joy. It's not easy to be peaceful or grateful if someone feels disillusioned because an inner person is born with an emptiness. Since I have long and hard thinking of this aspect of life, I have come to realize that rejection is the worst enemy of women, because it loses respect for oneself, loses time and money and loses peace and joy. It is also true that a woman must be loved and accepted in the lives of people in order to finish the original plan of God when she created them. It is also vital for women to return to their creators to report rejection cases and allow them to restore them according to their original plan.

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