Five Great Hanoi Backpackers

Hanoi, the charming and culturally captivated capital of Vietnam, attracts travelers' masses with many attractions. Where can you relax in the city after a long day of sightseeing? Try the following:

Finn's Irish Pub

The Irish Pub's Southeast Asian appearance is getting stronger with good examples at the top of the throne and well in Vietnam. Finnegan is next to Hoan Kiem Lake. The finest venue for Guinness and Irish roasting, Finnegan also deals with local rock and roll covers for the early evening. In a great atmosphere to tell all the backpacker stories and good value food and drinks packed in the trunk, Finnegan is a great place to retreat and rest.

Le Pub

In Le Chi Minh City, Le Pub is well known in Vietnam. The location of Hanoi, located in the heart of the old quarter, has the same restrained mood for its other companions as decoration. Le Pub has a great reputation for beer but serves the coldest of the city. The perfect place to cool down and join the conversation. Mao's Red Lounge

Mao's party is always late at night. The momentum of the Old Quarter Bar scene, this two-storey Bohemian lounge offers the extremely cheap Halida beer and even cheaper mixers. Just a short walk north of Hoan Kiem Lake, along the narrow strip street behind the Bia Hoi corner, Mao's is at the heart of the bustling city backpack action of the city.

Hanoi Rock City

The newly opened Hanoi Rock City, the capital's most important venue and art venue, is responsible for bands, DJs, performers and artists. Wood-fire is a convenient addition to Hanoi's cool winter months, but if it's a live experience, you're on the Red Room stage. The real gem of a bar on the music scene of the city is still very much developing.

SBB (Special Belgian Beer)

Only for heavy beer consumers, SBB, The threatening VinCom Tower, gives Europe a small piece of beer-style decor. A bit more expensive than the other backpack casino, the SBB is worth it. With a wide variety of drinks, a cozy ambience and friendly staff, travelers will go with delightful memories, provided they are not drunk.

Source by Harriet N Williams

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