How to turn on a girl – 4 ways to be wild and sexually addicted to you!

Men within the sex are very simple. We'll see a hot girl and we'll be in for a few seconds. Women are more complex. It takes more time to turn on the girl because they need more than visual stimulation. If you have cool female friends, ask them what they think when they are masturbating. They often describe a romantic fireplace playing with romantic music and kissing his friend passionately. You see, for women, sex is a very mental thing. So, for a girl to turn on, we need to wake up all her senses.

Use a deep, masculine tone (almost like a hypnotist). She whispered into her ear. Use sensual language, not sexual. Women love the vivid description of ideas, feelings, and scenarios. After linking a deep whisper to your ear with the feeling of awakening, you can turn it on at any time, anytime, just whispered in the ear with the same sexual buzz. For NLP we know this as "anchoring".

Atmosphere – Lighten some aromatic candles in your room and lighten the lights. There are romantic or environmental, meditative types of music in the background. Use a silk plate on the bed. Use the scents to adjust the mood, such as scented oils or incense. Pleasant scents can instantly change the mood. Make her a nice and romantic room. You do not want to be packed with McDonald's cheeseburger around your room.

Touch – Be intent on tapping. I mean, do not start rubbing as soon as you start kissing. Hold it back and keep it going. Touch it sensibly in a novel way, for example, gentle scratching on the back of your fingertips or with pencil-like gambling. The back and back of the neck are sensitive areas.

Kissing – Women attach great importance to the kiss, so do not rush to the stage. If you really want to learn how to turn on the girl and be longing for wilderness, learn to kiss a woman passionately. Kissing alone is enough to approach a woman to an orgasm! Slowly slowly. You do not have to worry. The longer the better. Try to awaken your senses. Kiss anywhere you want. Neck, ear, stomach and back are a good starting point. The inside of her leg is very erogenous. Periodically hold back and put him on more. It will continue to connect and increase your desire for you. Most men are either too lazy or selfish to become an incredible lover (even if these three things men want more than anything else, their lives are extraordinary sexual life.) No stats. Make 1% of guys who really know how to turn on the girl and keep in touch as exciting as you want.

Your special woman will love you.

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