February Fever

Welcome to the first five organizing projects in February. From the 1st day of the month it only takes 48 days to the spring !!! There is spring fever. Did you know that according to a 2013 survey, more than 72% of US households are doing some spring cleaning? This trend seems to be increasing every year. Look, you're not alone.

If you're like me then you'll get your hand in the dirt and start the valuable flower-change of flowers, fruits and / or vegetables or maybe the dirt looks like a leap to cleaning a garage or attic, or maybe you are ready to list the to-do list for all the exciting opportunities that spring collects. Let's go in here and visit our 5 most important organizing projects:

At the very top of our first list in the top 5 list we pick up our other cabinets in January and add cabinets.

Originally served in the cellar as a carbon tank, today it holds the boiler, empty suitcases, off-season sports equipment, and many sealed cardboard boxes that have almost never been opened, but have always been carefully moved from house to house with every move, that one day someone wants to buy the baby clothes they kept for twenty-five years in the box.

One day I read the quote above and I had to divide it because OMG actually has such baby clothes in the attic.
Bill Bryson, Home: A Short History of Private Life

Frankly, I saved them when my kids had kids to share their baby clothes, but now I just visit these boxes because I remember. Psst, I think it's time to go home better. Well, I understand that cleaning all of these cupboards and cabinets can be a daunting task, but imagine how surprised and free you are, when you open each cabinet / cabinet and see all available space and how clever everything is loaded , hanging, box and / or stored. I try to work at least one wardrobe and wardrobe daily. So I do not feel too much.

This runs smoothly to item 2 of organizer list: The pots, pans, brooms, sheets, towels, or boxed items at the back of the box have no idea what they are. And do not forget the kids' wardrobes. Fun begins here, as we can now isolate everything from held, disposable, and donated markup boxes. Always keep a blank paper nearby to make your own list of what to replace or repair. Last year I found that there were some mechanical items that I had to donate like Roomba, which we never used and the fish for the BBQ and I was able to return the old kids' tees, gathering to make a comfortable one "Everybody wants to save the Earth, no one wants to help mothers eat foods. "

P.J. O & # 39; Rourke, all the world's problems

The third element is organizing his shoes. I'm talking about all the shoes. Girls, it's important to provide space for new sandals and flip flops to get rid of! In winter, I store my summer shoes in a large rectangular wicker basket and use a shoe stand that can be adjusted on the floor of my shoe to the actual season of the shoe. Turning the years keeps focus on the present and allows me to pay attention to what shoes will need to be repaired and what will be needed once the season is over. I have to admit that this is a very exciting time for me to roll my shoes, which means I'm always looking forward to the equipment. Recently, I sang a song called the old Dominion called "Shoe Store". Watch it as you pass through your shoes. That's funny and fun. "First of all, believe in true love, and know that people are like shoes, a couple like a left and a right foot, and there is a perfect fit, you can change styles and look around to find it. you have to break the styles, sometimes you feel like something indistinguishable but comfortable, and sometimes the style – as much as you want it – just does not match you and never fit in. "
Item No. 4 does not necessarily apply to everyone, especially when it is in January, but the document containing most taxes around my house is completed by the end of February, so my husband is ready to start the sorting process, and is ready to make the information. If that is the case, maybe this is the year that we start creating folders or storage devices specifically for tax preparation. Create a subscription system that clearly captures the collection of collections throughout the year and scans documents such as pay stubs so you do not have to save all of them. From the beginning of the year, the future blessing of paperwork will be a tax time. Print this document to help you know what to keep and how long.

The teenager's invention was wrong. After identifying life when people stay late, but they do not have to pay taxes – of course no one wants to live other ways. "

Judith Martin

And that is why we are here in item 5 of our February List of Organizations. Item 5 is an entertaining element that is related to my gardening. Sometimes on February 15, and some places even earlier, certain seedlings can be planted in a start-up garden. If you have south-facing windows where sunlight is coming all day, this is an ideal starting point for your starting garden. If you are like me, and crazy about seedlings, then you know that there is a useful space in the indoors garden. In cases such as those where there is not enough room for all the seedlings you start with, you can use special light sets that are nicely and effectively set to help seedlings to best care. A fun part of the project, besides planting, stores or orders from a favorite catalog all the valuable seeds and flowers that you want to grow in your garden this year. This is a great project for the kids who help. My kids loved to love growing plants. This is the next best thing about your pet.

I hope you will enjoy the discovery and the place you will find this month.

I'll see you in March! it's a pleasure to sink their hands to the warm ground and they will feel the new season's potential. "

Kate Morton, the Forgotten Garden

Source by Lisa Zaccagnini

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