Does the child want to travel? $ 64k Questions I Ask Part 1

Whenever you make any changes or decisions, as a parent I always had to take into account how my child would be affected; prosperity and security are the most important. Deciding on the back of children is obviously not an everyday decision for anyone to do – so if I have to pay special attention to the effect it will have on making sure that I do the right thing in the long run. Just because I want to travel does not automatically follow the needs of my children and I think I need this in my decision making. My ideal goal is to travel for a year and go to school all over the world. But I wanted to soften both of us, and we sneaked our toes first and not completely immersed.

Points to which I thought it was:

Do you really want to do this?

Do you remember this fantastic life experience or will you remember to sit down with your butt in a hot uncomfortable bus session for hours and finally wishing you to meet your colleagues in the park?

How will you cope with language barriers?

Will he laugh in Europe all too hot and miserable?

What child friendly experiences do I find to keep my enthusiasm?

Am I losing my life to travel?

go for a package tour in Salou …

And so on, and so on.

So I think the answers to some of these issues will come as we are on the road and refresh as we progress. But I was trying to overcome the above concerns. I designed the trip to break trips with entertaining stops and interesting tours. (Ferrari Musuem Anyone?) I borrowed an Italian language course on a CD from the local library and listened very well and we repeated the car in our entertainment. (In fact, he found it better than me!) I bought a little travel pillow that includes a backpack with a carabiner and a hand-held water spray fan for any hot, silent moment.

The most important here is communication. I introduced Jared to every step of the design. I told her everything about where and why. I asked him if he wanted to do this and he did twice, three times, four times before I convinced him he wanted to go. I think that if you take the child and show them photos on Google photos and on a route, it will help them prepare and help your expectations.

For some parents this may seem a bit like OTT, and only the parent (s) want to make the kids. But I've always taken Jared to design a life-changing decision, and so does our little unit. It was not the simplest of life, so knowing how to make something happy I plan is very important to me. The personality and experience of the child may also affect the planning of travel. As grandparents and uncles grew up in the lake area, who have traveled extensively since their birth, all of them are "normal" to him, so he is not a step.

camping, hiking and wild camping. She is always outdoors and very fit and active. He is a boy and many weekend camp, and even went on a survival evening in Windermere's sheltered shelter at a temperature of 2 degrees in the woods, so I'm pretty confident that he can handle it and all the other backpacking excursions we can do.

I am also very independent and self-conscious, and I have complete faith in my abilities; so I know I can deal with most things that might come. Obviously you can not plan any events, but on shorter trips I usually go with a kid alone and spend a month in Spain when I was 3 years old, so I have some experience. I spent 11 years as a single parent, so you are very resourceful, and probably the most important thing is that my son trusts me and trusts me to keep it safe so that the whole trip is complete.

I hope this post helped me and she is free to answer or ask any questions!

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