Are people really hot beer in Europe?

A man who has taken a lot of beer in Europe, American friends often ask if they really drink hot beer. Because Americans love beer almost to the frost and then serve in a frozen mug, they can not imagine how to consume beer that is not ice cold. The fact of the European drink is beer less frosty, say than the American partner. This article explains some of its causes and points out what Americans call "hot beer". According to experts, beer and red wine have to be eaten at a mildly normal value for room temperature. This is where these drinks are of high quality. If you have the highest quality, the more you want to flavor it. If they are lacking in quality or are just poor to drink, they must be as cold as they can. Europeans tell you that most American beer is cold for this reason.

Although serving beer's temperature varies by country, it gets warmer than in the US. The specific brewing temperature of the bark is generally about 52-63 ° F and about 40-48 ° F. This may vary between the breweries, but the temperatures where the most flavor may be from beer, even if not the one most Americans are accustomed. Keep in mind that beers have a long-standing culture in Europe and even if American brewers originally came from Europe, beer was not produced for quality in time.

In addition, American beers are largely carbonated which further masks the taste but gives a pleasant sting. Beer in Europe is beer itself, and I can never remember the quality of beer in Europe that would carbonate the drink. So close this short lesson to European beers and why not be as cold as American beers perhaps the most famous European beer: Guinness. It was made in Dublin, served with chilled food. But if you have a Guinness in the UK, I'm sure you'll notice that it's richer and I think it's even bigger. It's still good in America and in other parts of the world, but Americans are drinking their Extra Foreign Stout. If you are ever in Europe, try there, because I'm sure it will be much better than the American version.

Source by Glen Wheaton

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