Discovery of Tie-Dye – an Adventure

How often do you feel after a relaxing and lazy weekend that you have wasted something of value?

According to my own experience, it is a very valuable commodity. I often enjoy a weekend where I do not have much to do, no need for an urgent task, but only relying on the back, maybe watching some TV and hanging out with friends. I'm really doing it, but once a bit of activity bites, then I have to go out and do something.

This is what happened to me this weekend, and writing this article is a very busy and successful day.

All this started with the decision to look at some friends to hang in my closet and find a shirt to wear. But instead, I came out of the closet with an old tie paint. I do not know why this time happened (because I saw the shirt hanging many times) but reminded me that I always wanted to do some tie painting myself.

I actually bought a book for a while, and one of my books, which I found very quickly by now, because my apartment is not too big and I swam. He had a lot of information about the history of painting and especially the tie paint, but most of it was very familiar, so I didn't spend much time with it. My urgency now was to get to DO.

I found out I needed more supplies and I had to go out and get rubber bands, spring and other little things like clothes etc. I had to go. But I worked back to my place and learned the horizontal and vertical shoots that create stripes on drying, learned the techniques to make circular patterns and well-known spirals. This was the pattern I needed for the laundry.

I found a very interesting method of mixing the ink that I called the mudmee tie-dye, and examining the site that gave it this way, even trying to create patterns of this type.

Time is shown because I had to stop myself in my activity because the weekend ends and I have to give energy to work tomorrow, but I still wanted to bring this article here, especially remember myself and hopefully someone else too that a lazy Sunday can be much better if you are not lazy.

Source by Merlin Silk

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