The people of the Akha Mountain tribe of the Hua-Fai community – Chiang Mai, Thailand

On the shore of Chiang Mai, on the shore of the canal, not far from the night bazaar. They are hard-working people who spend most of the day in workgroups. Then, around 18:00, they go to the Night Bazaar to sell it there. If they are lucky, they sell 3 or 4 dollars. Many times I saw them selling a belt or hat at a cost or less cost just to sell their family that night.

The multitude of Farangs (tourists) replaced them at the lowest possible price, heard an arrogant woman who told her boyfriend: "what is the slaughter" for something that only costs 200 Bart ($ 6)). You're sure to have fun with the richer owners, and it's a barter market, but to get the poor lady down on the cost, she goes too far. Most of these ladies are also dependent on children, parents and grandparents. You see, many old ladies take care of a big kid who has lost his parents.

There is no social welfare system in Thailand; some are supported if an ID card or a work permit was born in Thailand (so that most foreigners cannot afford to buy).

The People of Akha of Chiang Mai, Thailand

fled the far north from the NEVER FINAL HOUSE
(raging since 1947).

The Golden Triangle covers a large area.

Traditionally, the accession of Thailand, Burma and Loa is called the Golden Triangle. "Gold" is the liquid gold of raw opium.

NEVER ENDING WAR WAR every year (usually a dry season) is a war war aimed at witnessing the growing Burmese territories that produce 3700 tons of crude opium annually for export. . This is very conservative because the Shan state usually produces 300-500 tons of refined heroin per year.

This means that there is still a real war for people on the first line. This is regularly flowing to Thailand, who quickly quashes the penetration. Many refugees are in Thailand and are working south.

Many have come to Chiang Mai. Akha, Karen, Thai Yai (Shan) has 13 or ethnic groups who have carved from Burma's own countries on the western border of Thailand, far from north to Bangkok.

Most of Burma's people in Burma are religious Christians who turned to Christianity in the 1800s and last century when British rule in Burma. They speak Akha, read and write the language with British (A, B, Cs) British influence.

After the British came in 1947 after the Second World War, an orchestra came to the earth as an endless war.
The military junta SLOK said that the high-power force did not release the side effects. Akha Hill, Akha Hill tribe products is a community nonprofit enterprise created by Mrs A-Noe Yu-Po, Sie's friends. Its immediate goal is to help the people of Hua-Fai and Chiang Mai Akha out of poverty.

Akha Hill's mission to the local Christian church in Chiang Mai is buying land, building houses for the poor, and not buying interest to buy plans. Give them land for the land. The moment they don't live on any land without land paper. For them to do meaningful work with good yield. Akha.hill and the first Baan of Silver sold them worldwide.

To get them out of the streets and youngsters from the bars and the "karaoke" red light spots.
To live as a family and work together in an extended family village.

With such a sad poverty, many young girls are walking in bars that sell flowers at 2, and young people think they are old enough to walk and say "only 10 Bart Mr".
The 15 or 16-year-old young mothers behind whom the Hill Tribe products were shipped late at night. Grandmothers with a small child who walked at the Night Bazaar to support him and the child because the parents of the child died due to Aides or other illness or accident.

Getting Children to School. Most Akha people have no education at all and cannot read or write Akha, Thai or English.

The first resettlement will be in Sansai.

Without land papers, there is no reason to ever get out of poverty where they live. Banks do not allow home, illness, illness, depression, drug abuse, alcohol, etc. horrible. During the construction of for Sie, I attended 4erals at the local Chiang Mai Presbyterian Akha Temple I met.

I'm sorry to have to update this, but now we're taking part in another funeral. The "old" (52) lady died three days before Christmas and was buried after the boxing day. An old lady died at the end of the 40s? old age. A twentieth young man died after a drug overdose after his wife with a rich Farang (European)

A mother of 3 died in the August floods. The old lady's husband died three or weeks after nobody took care of what she had given up. Three days before the war, a lady died of his wife's sister, who died before her husband. This family has lost four last year.

During the construction of Akha-Hill I lived with the Akha people. The lady who died in August lived with me for a month. Then, every night, I visited him, begging his youngest son on the road, along the road, along the canal. It was found 3 days after the channel flood.

You can help the flood relief fund by clicking the Flow button on the Akha-Hill home page.

Chiang Mai Akha works hard to build a traditional Akha village on 65 km of land, just 10 km from Chiang Mai in Sansai. It is in a rural environment with rice fields, etc. Tour groups come out and stay at night. Hopefully this will help lift them out of the poverty cycle they are in.

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