Day of Mukha Bucha

The Thai people celebrate Mukha Bucha Day on the full day of the third moon month. We celebrate this in February. People celebrate this day to commemorate an event that took place 2500 years ago during Buddha's lifetime.

Mukha Bucha's Day is celebrated by the enlightenment of Lord Buddha. Nine months later, the Buddha was enlightened, and two great events occurred on a full moon day. One was that 1250 Buddhist monks met Buddha, and the second event was that on the same full moon day, Buddha told his last teachings to his disciples and then decided to separate his mind from his body. Both big things happened on the same day in the third moon month and so called Mukha in Pali. Bucha is also a Pali word, which means you pay tribute or respect. So Mukha Bucha celebrates Buddha and her teachings.

On this day, people are worthy when they go to church and listen to the preaching of Dharma. While Buddhists visit Wats and act as merits as the release of caged birds, nutrition for the poor, and so on. Strictly follow all five principles taught by the Buddha. During the festival, people wear white clothes for a few days. In the evening, the highlight of the celebrations is a candlelight procession around the main church building.

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