Cultural Differences Between Thai Women and Filipino Women

For women, the Caucasian men sought so far have a great and compelling need to compare them for various reasons. Not to make each other better in general, but only to better examine what makes it unique and special, and what makes them more attractive to wife-seeking Westerners.

compare Thai and Filipino women – and this is more justifiable and fair – not on the basis of criteria but on the merits of different things


look at this comparison the religion. Both countries are very religious, and this has a tremendous impact on how they relate to people and basically how people are. While the Philippines is still the largest Christian nation in Asia, most of Thailand is Buddhist.

Thai women are more superstitious and less fanatical about their religion, while Filipino women are more inclined to give home to the statue of their favorite saints, rosary.

But this characteristic of religiosity makes them very respectful and family-loving women, as their faith says.

Adapting to Western Culture

Both countries have no problems with Westerners. The Philippines, who have been subjected to American rule for years, and are a decent fan of goodness for any American and Thai, as a favorite node of the Western people, women from both countries will not be afraid of a western guest.

It is a fact that Westerners find it amazing that pop culture from both nations penetrates the western influences to all. In Vietnam or Indonesia, or China, compared to their neighbors, these two countries are easier to adapt to foreign culture. A foreign guy probably wouldn't have a problem with the introduction of women to his hometown;

English language skills

Language plays a huge role in interracial marriage. And this is where the Filipino women benefit from their Thai counterparts. Most of the people in the Philippines, even those belonging to the so-called marginalized sector, can speak English and talk better than most Thai people.

is still a Filipino woman if she has no patience in protracted silence and other forms of language communication

Social Relations

As Thailand is a richer country than the Philippines, Most foreign men find Thai women in some sense. Thai women are more committed to socialization and look at it! Some foreign men are only afraid to teach their Philippine wives how to seek and do more.

Both women are beautiful and wonderful in themselves – with Thais and their thin body. high cheekbones and small eyes, as well as the Filipinos and their thin nature, their arched bodies and the small, almond eyes. They themselves sign warmth and friendship: the more discreet for Thais and the more hot and entertaining Filipinos. For comparison, to give more truth to these wonderful women, we need to do more than make general remarks, but actually at the meeting of women from both countries

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