Cha Am in Thailand – a resort town where most visitors never meet

Thailand is a country that is famous for its magnificent temples, long pristine beaches, seductive jungles and rainforests, exotic culinary delights, and of course the locals charm. Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of tourists never see the real gems that this ancient kingdom offers. Instead, tourists will win all the hotspots they have in vacation brochures – Phuket, Koh Samui and more. Advertise.

At Bangladesh, the country's capital can be a pretty overwhelming experience, especially for the country's first visitor. Not only is the heat intense, but the city itself is perhaps one of the liveliest cities in the world, and in the highest sense of Western chaos. However, Bangkok, also called the Angels, promises an unforgettable experience. You said that most of the city's visitors left for a long time in a few days. Some people are inland in the mountainous areas, while others go to the shore. It is only a short drive south of Bangkok, one of the first known resort town of Hua Hin. This charming city, just a strange fishing village in the not too distant past, has long been a popular destination for the wealthy Bangladeshi of Bangkok, many of which are high class condominiums and resorts. Even so when they visit the area, a large part of them spend their days in Cha Am, another small resort town, about 25 kilometers north of Hua Hin. Nowadays, due to property prices associated with neighboring Hua-Hin real estate, many Bangladesh residents enjoy the Cha Am house for weekend breaks.

Cha Am is still a long distance on the hiking trail. Many Westerners who visit Cha Am arrive this weekend when the place literally floods the Bangkok Thai. It draws many tourists, not because locals behave, but simply because the beaches and other public places are so busy. Come on Sunday afternoon and return to normal, and this is especially when tourists visit. The beaches are clean, peaceful and peaceful as you can expect. The sites are restored and one of the country's most friendly people. Another great thing about food in Cha Am is the fact that the area serves foreign tourists instead of Thailand, and that means things are a fraction of what is happening to neighboring Hua Hin. All in all, Cha Am is the ideal place for those looking to spend the beach while avoiding the crowds of tourists. Even on the weekend, when locals flood the area, there are still some wonderful little refuge where they can retreat, for example, to Cha Am Forest Park.

The Cha Am Animal Protection Center has become a very popular attraction amongst those who know the area. This small small rescue center was set up when the Thai delegation asked the landowners if they were interested in two injured animals. Since then, the center grows and grows, and today its home reliably has many animals. Visitors do not pay an entry fee, but donations are welcomed and appreciated very much. You can also volunteer to help the center for just a day or have a few weeks or months.

It's true that Cha Am does not have the main attractions in the most important tourist areas but offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy Thailand as well as locals. For this reason, more and more foreigners are investing in a Cha Am house used in their Kingdom.

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