Cartagena Spanish Secrets

Cartagena is located in the south-east of Spain. This city doubles as a wonderful tourist destination and a marine station. Cartagena is a historic city whose port still has intact forts. This roots of the city will go back to the founder of the 230 BC

Cartagena surprise many tourists. In addition to the walls, the terrain is unfriendly or even primitive. However, architecture within the city is ancient and beautiful. Like many European cities, Cartagena is a thrilling mix of old and new. The restoration of the ancient city is a continuous process and ensures that future generations are able to see the presently known ones.

The lifestyle in Cartagena is typically subdued. On the beach there are warm beaches and many activities. Diving, windsurfing, sailing and swimming are just a few of the beach trips. The countryside offers cycling, hiking, horseback riding and even exploring the ancient city of Murcia.

On the hillside Cartagena is the Aguire House. Victor Beltri's modern architect designed this beautiful home. The facility is today the museum of modern art. Calblanque Regional Park is a coastal beach for the naturalists. This area is free from commercial structure and hiking, biking and stunning views of mountaineers. This part of the mountains reaches nearly 1000 meters. The park offers salty lagoons and visual treatments for many natural birds and birds.

The Civil War Refuge Museum is currently located within galleries found in La Concepcion on a hill in Cartagena. These galleries were used during the bombing. These structures were created to reach more than 1,000 people. However, the construction was completed with the end of the war. The facility now serves to teach young generations of the struggles and victories of the era.

House of Fortune is a stunning stop in Cartagena. It was built about 1 round, this structure was made of ornate floors and painted frescoes. The home was named after the inscription in the yard. Fortune is located near an ancient Roman road.

An unusual venue to visit is the Autopsy Theater. This impressive building is a museum of medicine and chronicles of history over time in Cartagena. The octagonal building was built in 1768 as a medical theater. This is where doctors have heard anatomy. The building was moved to the museum and located near the remains of an old Roman amphitheater.

Caridad Temple is another historic milestone and remains the patron saint of the city. The church is full of artwork and visitors are welcome. The sculptures of the Salzillo's interior, such as the famous "crucifixion". In addition to the Rococo altarpiece, visitors can also enjoy Manuel Wssell de Guimbarda's paintings in the 1800's.

Accommodation in Cartagena is divided into three categories: budget, mid-range and luxury. There are also package deals that calculate your flight costs along with hotel costs to simplify your travel expenses.

Resorts offer a first class experience for tennis enthusiasts. Tennis courts are often in the heart of the resort. Courts are surrounded by a floodlight. You can play at any time of the day or year.

Holiday resorts are well-known in one of the finest tennis tournaments. Both the Davis and Fed Cup events were held here, and the ATP held events here. The venue is the winter training venue for Britain's Lawn Tennis Association. If this is not enough to get you interested in the site, then this is also the official training ground for the Bavarian tennis federation.

The reason for the popularity of resorts in these regions is more than mere history, their structure, and their characteristics. One resort has a total of 28 tennis courts. Variety is the most important: guests can choose from more than twenty clay paths, four AstroTurf courses and four hard-surface courses. Other activities include paddle tennis courts, squash and many other sport related services such as equipment stores, equipment rental, fitness centers and many other accommodations and luxury. Due to the exciting nightlife and the extraordinary cuisine, Cartagena's visitors have a great reason to visit again and again.

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