SEO – Traffic with old blog posts

Old blog posts do not get many pageviews? This is usually true if you are new to blogging. Your first few jobs are barely available without traffic. The reason for this is very bad search engine optimization (SEO) technique. The title of your first article might be "Hey … I'm new to this," and that's not a good SEO.

Some people think that increasing the circulation of old articles is the best way to simply send them to social networking sites. Bad idea! It may have been banned, especially if the article is like two years old, for example, and human viewers are crazy because they like to see new things. I suggest you keep this method away.

What do you do? Link all the articles, but make sure they are relevant. If your new blog post is about cows and has mentioned the flying cows in the past, they should be linked with the relevant anchor text links. This is one of the factors in SEO that sites on your blog rank higher. External links from other sites are always better than internal, but each factor counts in SEO.

Linking your posts will pass the link to make all your old posts higher in the search engine. Take a few hours from your time and look at everything in your blog. Ignoring the simple procedure is a big mistake for beginners who think little details are not counted. Everything in SEO matters to increase your blog.

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