Best Time to Travel in Thailand

The most common issue among foreigners living in Thailand will be to hear about people who want to visit the Kingdom: " When the best time comes to Thailand ". .. is not easy to answer without knowing why a person wants to come to Thailand.

In Thailand, there are basically three seasons (although the cold season is missing), the seasons are The Hot, The Wet and Cold. The cold, as a rather subjective description, but the shots of the urgent blankets are handed over in the northern provinces when it falls to a cool 10 degree, which is 10 degrees. So what does every season offer?

The hot

March-June: The hottest month in April, when even the gecko will stay there and most expats look at lunch and decide not eat, but read a walk to a food stand. In the hot season of the beach section, if this is the thing, then it's time to come to Thailand, guaranteed sunny sunshine all day all day long. For Trekkers, this may be a hot way to go up the mountains unless it is equipped with an elephant, sunshine and dehydration. Bangkok turns to a molten, contaminated tub when the wind dies and smog hangs just around the shock of oxygen. The hotels are the most expensive in the warm season and will be in the middle of many weekends.

The Wet

July-November: The transition from warm to wet is the worst time you are in Thailand, no matter what you do. Hot, wet, and moisture is cruel. She was desperate to take at least three showers a day … maybe there wouldn't be a bad plan in a one-month shower. If you can imagine living in a one-month sauna, then at the beginning of the wet season you get the right picture from Thailand … unless you are in Bangkok, then you can get to the sauna and exhaust your car for the right idea … hmmm delicious. Then, fortunately, the sky is really open, the wind is blowing and things are refreshing. Rain every day is guaranteed to be a guaranteed function and usually starts in the afternoon, sometimes sleeping all night, floods are common with a power outage. So why come to Thailand now … the cost …. hotels are empty, tourists are far away, it is a great opportunity for Thailand to see less tourists than usual and get the best price because even the Thai people stay home at weekends.


December-February: Thailand freezes, snow falls from the sky, and skating is the most popular sport … well, if you watched the winter coats, TVs or Thai people surrounded by boots, gloves and scarves can begin to believe it is real. occasionally fell to 2 degrees, the southern part will be much easier, and flee in a warmer and bobble hat. Thailand once again enjoyed the tourists who came to take advantage of the cool weather to keep Thailand from burning. This is the best time of the year to actually "see" Thailand, enjoy the sight of sights, and the best of the city cruises and trekking. Prices are rising again and hotels are quite complete.

So the best time to come to Thailand is the time that suits your needs, Trekkers and Tanners have different needs, customers will have different needs. Just add that the hottest parts of the year are occasionally falling, and even the wet season can be dry for a week or more ….. but leave the skis at home … there will be no snow. … guaranteed.

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