Tourist attractions in Gyeongju, South Korea

Korea has many tourist destinations and there are plenty of places in Gyeongju. According to Gyeongju's official tourist map, I have listed the main tourist destinations. As you can see, there are plenty of places to visit and a lot to look at. If you are in a certain area (ie the town of Gyeongju), you can easily see most of the major attractions if you want to be close to each other.

to Gyeongju City or Lake Bomun (where the best international hotels are located) in the spring – mid-April. You can witness the flowering of cherry trees in Gyeongju. They are absolutely beautiful and must be on the route if you want to visit Korea. Gyeongju is a tourist friendly city and often provides assistance in English. Many American and British travelers travel through Gyeongju, and foreigners often cycle around the street and especially along the river.

After staying in the city, you can get help from the tourist information center in English from the local telephone by dialing 1330. Occasionally, they helped me with local bus times and costs,

Freshly complemented by Gyeongju's population, I highly recommend you to visit us and why they are invited. Beautiful Gyeongju "

Recommended Tourist Destinations

The City of Gyeongju

Royal Tombs of Daereungwon

Wolseong Fortress

Imhaejeon (Lake Anapji)

Children in the forest

Cheomseongdae Astronomical Observatory

Gyeongju National Museum

Bunhwangsa Temple

Hwangnyongsa Place

Mt. Namsam Area

Royal Tombs of Oreung

Najeong Well

Poseokjeong Place

The Samneungol Valley

Yongjangsa Place

Namsan Buseok Rock

Bomun Tourist Resort

Bulguksa Temple

Dong-ri, Mok-Wol Literary Museum

Seokguram Grotto

Lake Bomunho

Gyeongju Folkcraft Village

Silla Museum of Art and Science

Gyeongju World Exhibition

Silla Millennium Park

World of Gyeongju

East Sea Area

Gameunes Page

Royal Tomb of Munmu (Rock of Daewangam)

Pavilion at Igyeondae

Girimsa Temple

Golguram Hermitage

Port of Gampo


Western Area

The Tomb of King Muyeol

Tomb of General Kim Yu-sin

Northern Territory

Oksan Seowon / Oksansaesim Village


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