Bar Ice Samui – Tropical Ice Bar in Thailand

Entering Koh Samui's latest and most special attraction, you would have forgiven for believing sharing hot jokes and vodka with Polar Bears or Eskimos.

Bar Ice Samui, the world's first tropical island -7-degree ice has opened its doors on March 15, 2008, and ice temperatures have been one of Samuin's hottest sights. However, as management wants to emphasize the bar's ice, Samui is not just about ice. There are three different areas to ensure that you can freeze, cool or warm in the coolest mood of the city.

Guests at the Chaweng Lake are welcomed by a sparkling, starred, air-conditioned main bar, a pleasant retreat from the humid Samui nights – with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff the perfect place for friends to enjoy and all their favorite drinks and drinks.

Alongside the main and jungle bar, there is a cozy landscaped garden where you can share the cozy moment with the Samui stars . Management is pleased to promote Bar Ice as a truly unique experience and "not just another bar". First of all, we want people to entertain and to enjoy themselves . People are excited when they are placed on warm hats and hairy hats and gloves. Drinking from ice-glasses is something most people did not, and in Thai places that live only at temperatures below 0, it is likely to be a viable option .

Bar Ice offers visitors something else. Just like creating your own flavored vodka (some of which are out of this world), they present plans to showcase an open-air bar where customers can enjoy the favorite drink they serve – the three areas are appealing to everyone.

There is a small lid for entry to the ice bar, but other areas are free to enter. Customers welcome their heat or escape from Chaweng's bustle.

There is a special promotion for Samui residents presenting their job opportunities or staying cards, and in May, all hotel staff with the hotel name will have free access to the Ice Bar.

So how did this project come about? Scott Davis talked to one of the interested partners to gain insight into this interesting venue. "While ice Samui is owned by several British and Thai entrepreneurs who are in Koh Samui, Dubai, and the UK, and what they see today, it is a truly international effort, with crucial elements coming from many countries, including the United Kingdom, the United Arab From the Emirates, China, Germany, Italy, and of course Thailand, the dream was to create and maintain the best ice pair in the world, according to Scott "Although the icebreaker concept is not new This is the only ice rink on a tropical island and this is also the only ice rink that forms a theme. "We wanted to create a complete experience in the ice bar, part museum, with a lot of emphasis on lighting, and in the UK thanks to the lighting designers our customers are magical lighting scenes color changes and moods. "Scott quickly gives credit to the many people who are involved in the whole thing." Obviously, you have to create something like this, you need the good people you work for. "

"There are so many bugs that you can import from many countries, tons of ice from Canada to Thailand has never happened before. "

Today, though, Ice Samui is one of the most beautiful examples of all of the amazing specimens of Thai culture that are beautifully rectangular in everywhere, so if you live in Samui or just visit one thing you can be sure it's a The good times and the long-lasting memories are guaranteed, and if you're really smart, take your ice cup as a gift.

Source by Geoff Whitley

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