Mom and Dad Still Travel – Seven Tips to Help them Return Again on the Road

Is your parents reluctant to travel because I just do not go around like they used to be? Well they are not alone. According to the 2012 US Census Report, roughly 30.6 million people have difficulty climbing on stairs or stairs, or using wheelchairs, cans, paws or strolls. In addition, nearly 40 percent of people over the age of 65 have at least one disability according to the United States Census Bureau. But that does not mean that travel is not a question for these peoples. Nowadays, with a little outlook and consumer education, people are able to travel from any disability. In addition, many travel agents are currently offering travel goods and services; and Baby Boomers continue to age as more and more companies jump on the access bandwagon. With this in mind, here are some tips to help people with mobility problems on the road – either in the air or at sea – again.

  • Even if you can stroll, reserve an airport wheelchair if you're an easy tire. Some airports are huge and could easily be landed several miles through the transit, and then arriving at the destination exhausted.
  • You do not have to remove your shoes at the airport security checkpoint if you are physically unable to do so. Just tell the Traffic Safety Agency agent they can not do it and they will handle and unpack the explosive remnants of their shoes.
  • If you require a wheelchair access from the airport to the hotel, choose a hotel with a free airport shuttle. Under the Disability Americans Act, if the hotel provides free transfers, it must also provide freely available transfers, even if they have to contract.
  • Boat trips are an easy vacation option, but new cruises are huge and very tiring to travel from one end to the other. If fatigue is a factor, rent an electric scooter and transport it directly to the booth. Check the cruise line for your approved suppliers.
  • If you travel to the harbor, remember that you are available to all cruise ships on Florida cruises who have permanent access modifications on the vehicles.
  • In Europe, remember that the first floor is not on the street level, so if you want a room overlooking the street, ask for a room downstairs. Many small European hotels only have a staircase on the first floor.
  • Do not forget to pack the available parking bill with us when you are traveling. Good everywhere in the United States (except New York City), Canada and Europe.
  • Finally, encourage your parents to conduct extensive forward looking research and expand their horizons. There are really many available offers and the internet is a great place to find updated access information.

    Source by Candy Harrington

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