Bangkok hospitable hotels – where to find and stay

Hotels with hospitable hotels in Bangkok will be labeled for hotels that do not charge a fee for an unregistered guest in their room to stay overnight. You may not even hear the caretaker from the label, which means the same thing. Hotels that have to pay guests for a fee, even if the room is booked for two, is a dishonest business practice through Bangkok Hotels. Non-catered hotels generally charge up to $ 500 THB ($ 14 USD) for unregistered guests. Some sites may charge up to 1000 THB ($ 30 USD).

Fortunately, many guest houses are located in Bangkok. You can find them primarily in the popular commercial areas of Sukhumvit Road, which is conveniently close to countless nightlife venues and hot spots throughout the area. Here are the most popular 5 most popular hotels in Bangkok (in writing):

1. Ambassador Hotel
2. Citi Chic Boutique Hotel
3. Amari Boulevard Hotel
4. Landmark Bangkok
5. JW Marriott

More guest friendly hotels with rates ranging from 1000 THB to 6000 THB USD to $ 170 USD. There are even lower prices. Some people's prices are as low as $ 500 THB or USD 14 per night, but I highly recommend avoiding low-priced hotels that are likely to be unclean and far from the center of the nightlife.

Another option is to book your stay in an organized home in Bangkok. The apartments in Bangkok are operated by either a hotel or private hotel. Guests are treated to full hotel hospitality, such as the daily housekeeping, the fitness room and the swimming pool. Most market rooms are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen and a washer dryer. Most even complimentary buffet breakfasts are included in room rates, such as hotels in Bangkok. I would argue that the apartments that are being served do not pay a carpenter fee because the rooms are technically apartments. However, you are personally responsible for the guests.

There are very many serviced apartments in Bangkok. The most popular is Center Point. There are 7 Center Point Hotels in a convenient location close to major attractions in Bangkok. Fully constructed residential building with hotel label, but most guests there are cottages. Personally, Center Point hotels are my favorite place to stay and I never have to worry about having to pay for a guest at a caretaker.

Source by James P. Hunt

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