Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort

Hilton Arcadia Phuket is a 40-minute drive from the airport. When you arrive at the compound, the first thing you can notice is how spacious it is. You jump on a buggy (such as one that takes you to a zoo or bird park) that gets to the lobby lobby. The resort has 3 swimming pools, a beach and various lakes.

The pavement on each floor gives the impression of being in a serviced apartment, wide, spacious and well-distributed. In the room where I had plenty of space and a garden view (all ocean views), where you can feel the summer breeze and the lush vegetation from your balcony; with obvious Asian influences that are not beyond his face.

The bed was too hard for me, and I had to request an extra mattress cushion, which helped a little. The bathroom was large, but it looked like using some sprucing. Like most Hilton chains, the bathroom is also provided with a Crabtree & Evelyn toilet. The shower offers two different showers with a traditional shower and a ceiling shower. I was fresh as the porter brought my luggage, and the towel's odor of the nicely pulled face of the toilet was less vomiting or smelled like it did not get enough day. This is a sharp, mild acidic smell. The TV remote did not work and did 2 visits to the household to simply replace the battery.

the main restaurants, was discouraging. It was 16 o'clock and there were only 2 other tables, but my lunch was only after 25 minutes. Steaks are seasoned and overcooked. I did not want to wait another 15 minutes, so I just lifted it. I did not roast the bread basket and I think you know a lot from a restaurant about the bread you serve. What was most shocking when the driver grabbed a pair of napkins (after they had been asked, yes, there were no napkins at the table when they should have been) fell on the floor. He picked it up, dusted it and showed it to me. It's a "Oh, no, you do not!" moment. In fact, I had to ask for something else. Of course he apologized. But was it absolutely unacceptable to have you expected me to come under a napkin floor? Delete your mouth? This can not happen in any facility, let alone a 5 star resort.

Room service was not better. I wanted ice cream, and as the deli was completed (Haagen Dazs was sold), room service was my only option at 12.30. I ordered the "delight" and it was far from pleasant. When the ice cream arrived, it was misty mess and the ice cream was iced. Ice cream left behind after melting the ice cream and freezing in the freezer. It was horrible.

The next morning I dined in the pool; a burger and a caesar salad, and the same story. The decision was asked to leave the resort to get food while only being left free. As the resort is centrally located in the shops and restaurants, you can simply get out of the supply or fresh grub. This is said: the executive lounge was very pleasant. With wireless internet and power points, you can sit there all day while you will never thirsty to work or catch up with your friends.

Like most of the facilities at this resort, the spa was huge, with many personalized pagodas where the treatment could be either private or significant. It was a pedicure and I have to say it was pretty good. In fact, it's the best pediatric I ever had. I do not have many different facilities, so I'm not good at pedicure, but I loved mine at this resort. My feet were washed and scrubbed, the nails were cleansed and treated and all done with a massage. I registered my 2 places of residence during my stay; both of them more than decent and left me a healthy, after-spa-light. The small open area where ginger tea is served after the treatments is relaxed and beautiful. Times like I think Hilton challenges the potential, but only better execution is needed. Overall I did not enjoy my holiday here; In fact, I actually counted for the days until the end was over. Which in fact is not the feeling that you have from any vacation. It was a big disappointment, as if waiting for a BMW but accepting a Chevrolet (I did not harm any Chevrolet driver, I bought myself and were good drivers than you really got).

I told you everything I did not recommend this hotel. The Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort [http://www.phuket.com/arcadia/]. Needless to say, it was not a good start for my stay and the room was disappointing to me. I expected more, as I got to the highest level. So if it's in the best rooms, you do not really say this Hilton.

Source by Nicolas Travis