Bangkok Budget Hotel Guide – Travel Tips for an Insider

Bangkok's Big City is one of the most beloved exotic destinations in the Kingdom of Thailand in Southeast Asia. In order to accommodate millions of tourists every year, hundreds of hotels in Bangkok provide the most pampered tourism for the eclectic backpackers.

Sauna rates in all Bangkok hotels are heavily influenced by seasons. The peak season typically lasts from November to March, where the weather in Thailand is cooler, much cooler in northern Thailand, less wet and fewer precipitation. The low season is the middle of April, which is the hottest month, until October, which is the most rainfall.

If you want to book your stay in Bangkok, especially on holidays, such as Christmas and New Year's Eve, the dinner fee is required at the top of the room rates. So make sure you check your booking details.

Most people ask what season I like to visit Bangkok on vacation. My sincere response to all seasons is okay. If I had to choose, I would say that it is a low season. During the low season, Bangkok hotel room prices can be reduced by 20%. In most extreme cases, Bangkok prices can be reduced by up to 40%.

The next question to ask if I would recommend staying in hotels in Budapest. My answer is yes, I absolutely recommend it. Many Bangkok hotels are located in Bangkok, which are close to major attractions such as cultural attractions, city railways, shopping malls and nightlife venues. Most people think that hotels in Budapest are equivalent to blood-painted mattresses and washrooms without washbasins in the middle of nowhere.

Check-in time: 3 PM Check-out time is: noon Best Price Guaranteed Map Best price guaranteed Book now Hotels Room Service, Air Conditioned, Non-Smoking Rooms, Refrigerator, Cable / Satellite TV, Coffee / Tea Maker. All of these amenities and facilities including a great location can also be enjoyed by a Budapest hotel in Bangkok $ 40 USD per night, including taxes and complimentary daily breakfast.

Now that you know all the good things, there are some compromises that stay in the hotels in Budapest. One of the hotel's staff can not be highly trained and profitable in English or any other foreign language. What I have noticed is that hotel owners in Budapest make the most of their money for the design and operation of the property and have fewer qualified staff. This does not mean that it will be a bad service. This means that the hotel staff are patient. They have a job and they do this with the best possible ability.

Another trade is that not all rooms in budget hotels are of the same quality. Some are better than others in room conditions. The reception staff of the hotel know which room gets the most complaints, but the job is to keep the hotel in full, so the management does not change the rooms. So here is the biggest tip you should remember. And this tip applies to every Bangkok city. If you log into a room that you do not like for any reason, here's a great way to change your room.

Before you go to the reception or the manager, you have to be as sharp as you can. Place a nice, long-sleeved rubber shirt, pants, and shoes. When you talk talk with confidence. It is based on the Thai society and the better dressed, the better the treatment you feel you are successful when I see you. If a room is surely available, you will get it. If you are swimming, the top of the container and your flip flop, your request for modification of the room can be rejected, with the answer that there is no room, even if there is one.

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