Why WordPress? What is that?

WordPress for Everyone

WordPress is a content management software (CMS) that allows you to create a site or blog. Initially, it was developed as a basic blog engine, but it was completely updated and customized to create websites. This is an open source blog tool, which means that source code is readily available and free of charge. It can be downloaded at no extra charge. Content Management System CMS is an application that provides a platform for publishing the author, administrator, and web content. It's built entirely with PHP and MySQL and includes thousands of themes, templates, and plugins that fully customize your site to your preferences.

Why WordPress?

Simple Use

This is actually one of the strongest features. WordPress's user-friendly interface is easy to use. As long as you have general computer skills, little Internet skills, you are good. There are also many online forums, tutorials and documents that help you use WordPress.

Ever Growing

WordPress is an open source project with hundreds of hundreds of contributors. The mind behind the project is working on updating and improving features. Initially, WordPress started as a blog engine, but over time it became a tool for creating websites. According to recent research by Google, WordPress is the fastest growing content management software followed by Joomla and Drupal.

Lighter Optimization

WordPress is fairly behaving in search engine optimization. Assuming your content contains unique, quality links and relevant keywords, your site will potentially reach the highest rank in major search engines. Additionally, the code behind WordPress blog or website is quite simple as search engines make it easy to index your site content.

Eleven Themes

The appearance of this website is so important. No one wants to visit a site that looks like a word document. This platform contains nearly 2,500 topics that guide your site's appearance. These themes are professionally designed to attract anyone's attention.


This platform includes thousands of plugins, all of which make it easier to perform other technical tasks. Other plug-ins, such as Buddypress, convert your site into social pages.

Mobile Applications

WordPress is not only available on a computer screen, but on smaller devices, such as mobile devices. This is because it has mobile reagent encoding, enabling mobile users to view their sites through mobile devices. Automatically adjust your mobile settings when you open your site through a mobile device.

With these and more features, WordPress is still one of the best content management systems today.

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