Bakun, a new tourist destination in Belaga

Discover the heart of Sarawak, Borneo! The inhabitants of Belaga, one of Malaysia's most remote districts, are looking forward to completing the Bakun hydroelectric project to create new economic activity – the tourism industry. Belaga Sarawak, Borneo's Pillar and Heart.

The tourism industry or the Bakun water gate is particularly in the process of inflow processing and is expected to be completed in a few months, changing the area. After the halt is over, many new islands will be created and this will create new opportunities for people to promote them to anglers and eco-tourists. More people are expected to participate in the tourism industry here.

The 205-meter-high Bakun Reservoir, which accounts for 695 square kilometers of water, is the second highest concrete barrier in the world. Its capacity generates 2400 MW of power. Located along the Balui River, the Bakun catchment area, a few kilometers from Belaga, is about 14,759 square kilometers, which is 12% of the state of Sarawak, making it the largest inland rural lake in South America. East Asia.

Belaga Homestay Sarawak, who is actively involved in tourism in the Belgian small town, has launched homestay programs in recent years. Within the sights of Sungai Asap Resettle Scheme, we offer homestay, with the traditional wooden houses surrounding the hiking lake (Bakun Reservoir) and Belaga.

The Sungai Asap resettlement program was created in 1998 to accommodate some 15,000 people from 15 long houses that had to be moved from their original village to the river Balui, and thus to the Bakun Hydro project, while Belaga was a small town. the administrative center of the whole district.


Within the district is a sub-region of Sungai Asap, which is directly responsible to the Belaga District Officer. Sarawak's administrative officer is in the Sungai Asap subdivision. The electricity of Bakun Hydro is located in this remote district, which borders with East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Belaga is a small town at the confluence of the Belaga River and the Balui River. The Balui River is about 37 km from the Bakun Hydro Dam. The Bakun Hydro Dam crosses the Bintulu-Bakun motorway and the Sibu-Kapit-Belaga-Bakun River on the River Rejang. This place is beneficial for Belaga and Bakun as a strategic point as an ecotourism center in Sarawak, in the heart of Borneo.

As we offer longhouse homestay packages, jungle tracking, longhouse. We discover and associate our various related activities with the old traditional long chambers and the usual practices of the various natives in the heart of Borneo. Folk dance and music, such as the band, where you can admire Sarawak's hearts with different societies. Come and feel free to contact us!

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