If you use a dollar without using your own domain name, it will be at a disadvantage. This is because you have your own domain name, which means that you control your blog. Entering your own domain name means the difference between failure and success. Your own domain is not only simple but cheap. You can spend about $ 9 a year and get around $ 5 a month.

Why Do You Need Your Own Domain? Well, a business activity is partly about branding. Suppose you already have a WordPress blog, but it's free on WordPress. Your domain name would be like YourBlogName.WordPress . This means that WordPress is owned by you, not you. If you register your domain, something similar can be YourBlogName . Then you can better control your blog and become more professional.

Creating a blog for your domain is as simple as pressing a few buttons and answering a few simple questions. You can install a blog for your domain in about 5 minutes, it's really that simple. You can also easily change the appearance of your site by adding themes and adding more features to your plugin. Both allow you to modify your site the way you want, and every thousand are free to download for free.

So now that we have some basic information, let's talk about the three major phases of dollar blogging:

Section 1 – Finding Niche

it is a market. You have to find something for the blog. The most successful blogs target a niche. If you are looking for a niche you want to look for, you are looking for a topic that people spend on money. So he says you want to blog about weight loss. Is this a good topic? Yes. You don't have to do any research yet to find out that people are losing money for weight loss. There are tablets, diet plans, fitness programs, etc. You can't turn on the TV without seeing more ads for this gap every night.

Find a niche where people need something. You also want people in the market to spend money to meet that demand. If you find this combination, you have the gap. Once you have selected a niche, you will only create a blog about the topic. You're not blogging about other things. What I mean? If you add a blog about weight loss, insist on this. Don't start talking about spending a vacation at a post and what a dog or kid does in another post. People don't see this. They are there to read the weight loss information you publish.

Section 2 – Blogs for the Dollar

Now that you've chosen a niche, you need to find a way to cash your blog. There are a few ways to do this. One is to create Google AdSense for blog and the other is to sell affiliate products.

AdSense is a code that you can paste into your site. Not really difficult. There are blog topics that are already installed on AdSense for display on them, all you have to do is paste your code and Google the rest. The code is also readily available. All you have to do is log in via Google and enter the code. Before you sign up, the domain name must already register for the signup form. This is because it is part of how Google knows where to look for ads to work properly on your site.

Affiliate marketing sells other people's products. Basically, all you need to do is talk about a product or service that depends on the gap. Explain the benefits for readers and provide a link to learn more about the product. Provides good free content on your site, and then mix product descriptions and recommendations with a few comments. The free information you provide, as long as the quality information gets the trust of the readers. When you make a recommendation, readers are more likely to review their recommendations.

So, to find affiliate products, they search the internet for products that are interested in the niche. Take the example of weight loss again. If you are looking for switching programs for this market, you can search for a "weight loss affiliate program". Find some of the things you find good and register. A good affiliate program will help you with blog promotions.

Section 3 – Creating a Blog

Having a domain name and storage space as we talked about Based on the above, the host company receives a Cpanel name. Cpanel is an area that can control your website in many ways. Here you can set up different email addresses, see how many visitors you have spent, and have a Fantastico section. Fantastico is a link that you can click on and has a smiley face icon that is usually light blue. Click here and take you to a screen that contains various programs and scripts that you can install on your site.

One is WordPress on the left side of the screen. Click here to open an installation window for you. Then all you have to do is fill in some information lines you ask for, such as your domain name and email address. Then you click on a few buttons and your blog is installed.

You have to set the right way from the start to start dollar blogging. These 3 steps ensure that we do it right. From here you have to find a training program that explains in more detail how to build this blog for a five-month business.

Source by Micheal R Perkins

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