5 Catering Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

Hotels, restaurants and resorts are always the latest trends in providing the best experience for their guests. Modernization in the early part of this year should be considered by building fashionable and inviting areas. So what is the 2017 outdoor furniture outdoor trend that will look fresh to improve your business image?

Trend 1: green and / or blue

Colors in the hospitality industry Psychological impact on people who make their stay unforgettable … or not. Therefore, when designing outdoor areas, choose a selection for color selection. According to the psychology of color testing, blue, green, yellow, red and magenta generate positive vibrations. But what colors will develop in 2017? This year is the year of blue and green derivatives like aqua, sea foam, dark green. These two main colors represent tranquility and nature. Hence, making part of outdoor furniture improves the guest's state of mind and keeps the garden or terrace fresh.

2. Trend: Minimizing Aluminum Maintenance Efforts

Space, one of the trend, and probably will always be maintenance-free furniture. Therefore, choosing aluminum garden furniture is the right choice for a comfortable outdoor experience and has products that require minimal maintenance. In addition, aluminum is a lightweight material that it offers for its strengths: weather and rust-resistant, which means that garden furniture in the hospitality industry is long lived

Trend 3: Combining Different Materials & Styles

Hotel and restaurant insists on only one topic, uses only one outdoor furniture style, but 2017 suggests to mix and match design and materials. For example, if you can not decide whether you have aluminum or rattan garden furniture, you can choose both. In spacious areas you can combine many outdoor furniture collections in the same space. However, in order for this tactic to succeed, the two collections must go well with each other. Customized garden and terrace furniture also offer you the opportunity to ensure a good harmony between different kits.

Trend 4: Creating a Unique Atmosphere with Sunlight

Get Rid of Wires and Complex Equipment in 2017 Using the outdoor solar panels that rely solely on solar energy to charge batteries. Outdoor solar lights protect the trouble of finding professionals who create the mess of installing wired lanterns. In addition, outdoor solar lighting creates a unique atmosphere in outdoor space, especially when it is creative with innovative designs.

Trend 5: They work together indoors and outdoors

Last but not least, Outdoor furniture can be used outside. Therefore, removing the inside and inside boundaries by mixing the two spaces can, of course, be a great opportunity if you are smart. Open space on the indoor space provides more space and creates complete harmony.

In summary, applying these tendencies is a tricky task that requires professionals to optimize outdoors. So please contact a catering outdoor furniture supplier that can best serve your gardens and terrains according to your needs

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