Termite Irrigation – How to Make Your Home

If you've ever met termination in your home or you know someone who knew how upsetting and stressful it could be. Not only the termites are causing expensive damage, they are also expensive to get rid of. In fact, termites spend over $ 5 billion a year on homeowners for treatment and repair. There are two types of termites: underground and dry tree. Dry tree thermites cause the most damage in the United States and can only be eliminated by fumigating in the tent

Why Choose Peduncles?

In some very mild cases, spot treatment can eliminate dry tree termites in a home. But in most cases when termites were recognized, the infection was fully ignited. Tent smoking is the only way to kill 100% of termites in a home.

About Smoking

Over 50 years ago, the Vikane Gas Blower (manufactured by Dow AgroSciences) effectively eliminates dry tree thermites. This is the gas for all the smokers in the US. Vikane gas is quick acting and does not leave any residues. However, it is still a dangerous toxic gas and can cause death. Proper smoking preparation will ensure that you and your family remain safe and protect their belongings. The smoking process takes a few days, so you have to stay elsewhere in the process.

Fumigation Preparation

Follow the instructions given by the smoking company. Talk to your neighbors and tell them about the termit about your problem and about your plans to smoke because this may be beneficial to you. It is often the case that more than one home causes a termite infection. Some pest control companies give a separate discount to their neighbors who are simultaneously disinfected.

Tip: Home preparation for termite fumigation is time-consuming. Do not miss the last minute. The preparation contains many packs and sorts. Plan at least a few days before the smoking time.

1. Call the gas company – In most cases, the fumigation company calls the local gas company to notify the gas departure date. Clarify with the disinfectant whether you need to call or not.

2. Tell Your Neighbors – If you have not already done so, tell your neighbors that he will smoke. Sometimes disinfectants must have access to some of the neighbors. This is common in areas where homes are close to each other. When the neighbors' consent is required, they must issue official licenses and releases.

External Preparation

Wipe the District – Cleaning the perimeter of the property is mandatory for the incense to be able to make the smoking tent safe. Clear all the items at least 5 inches from the structure

Open the gates and the doors – Open the gates and the floor on the day of smoking, the smokers are legally obliged to check every room so that no one is there, Before it can close the tent

3. Water on the floor – water prevents the incense and prevents contamination and damage to plants.Water all plants and grass.If possible cut the plants to a foot of the home

Your incense company offers special necklaces, Nylofume bags.

They will protect your food and medication. Unopened metal cans should not be placed in a bag All dry food products Should be sealed in bags, including: • Food in plastic bags such as macerates and macaroni.

• All Medicines

• Soaps and Shampoos

• Cosmetics

There are disputes about cosmetics being placed in the bags. Some disinfectants say there is no need while others have more conservative outlook. There is a common saying among the termite fumigators: "If you have any doubt, take it out." In other words, it's better than I'm sorry.

1. Check that all foods and medicines are properly sealed in Nylofume bags. Follow the specific instructions supplied with the bags to properly seal them.

2. Remove the values. Each of your home accounts will be open during smoking. Remove the valuables or store them in a safe.

3. Remove the ice from the ice maker and turn it off. 19459002

4. Remove the plastic mattress cover as it can close the gas


• Appearance – Light brown, 6 feet long, narrow, oval, 3/8 "1 inches long

• Dry tree termites create colonies And live, but the most common dry tree termites in the USA are in California, Florida, Texas, and Hawaii. Where termites live, roofs and eaves, deep walls, lofts, and sliding sites can make up to 2500-membered colonies

With moisture or contact with the soil

• Dry tree thermites usually live with low moisture content, nourish and nest in healthy wood

With small cracks in concrete, as small as 1/32 " .

Termite Prevention:

Poisonous termite infections can be prevented at times by controlling termite activity at home. Small bits of sawdust material and natural wings may indicate that termites are in their home but have not multiplied and are infected throughout the site. In addition, storing firewood and debris from wood at least 20 meters away prevents termites from being tempted. Seal cracks and gaps in your home because it prevents termites from accessing wood through small holes

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