4 Most Beautiful Thailand Beaches

Thailand is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. For those who have been there, they know that the beauty of this unspoilt place is one of the best vacations in the world. This is coupled with a historical culture that covers the countryside and can never be missed in the country. Since much of this land is untouched by development, it finds that rest and peaceful life are more than possible. The great forces have not come so far, and that means you will get the best in the holiday arena, especially if you are at the beaches of Thailand.

Khao Lak is a wonderful Thai beach. Just a short drive from the airport, this paradise offers a distant holiday area like the rest. Thanks to the large uninhabited area, lush rainforests and many wildlife can be found nearby. Water remains hot in November and December, and fishing and diving are from this world.

Phuket Thailand Beach is another great place. Enjoy this resort from November to March. More than enough. It is a bit more crowded than other beaches, as this area is booming in tourist dollars. Diving is the highest level in this area, and it also boasts the hottest clear water in the world. There are many nearby attractions to keep you busy for a few days.

The Phi Phi Don Thai beach has turned quite a bit. In a distant and unknown place, this Thai beach came to life when Hollywood came and made a movie. It is one of the most popular beaches in the country and has many great names. This is a site that you do not want to miss, because the breathtaking and the water is warm and inviting.

West Railiy Thailand beach is one of the unexplored diamonds. There is very little cost, which is expensive here and can stay in the resort for a week and hardly affect the budget. The sand is milky white and the water is clean. Diving is very popular here as fishing. This place can only be reached with a long tail boat, so plan for a long trip.

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