10 Ways to Get a Shower on the Road

Hello travelers, people live on the vehicle and other awesome people, here are 10 Ways to get a good shower on the road.

1) On the campsite The campgrounds vary from place to place. Some are excellent, some use solar energy, so if you are lucky after dark, others do not heat up at all. Water pressure is also variable. Some people have constant water pressure while others only have a weak flow when someone is in the approaching shower or runs in the sink. The campers can range from deluxe variation to their own dressing room or primitive curtain, or rarely, at all. Some are well maintained and impeccably clean, and others have to share some spiders and other mysterious guests.

2) The community pool is another option. You may have to pay a few bucks to use the pool, but showers are usually free. And hey, why do not you swim while you are? In general, only cash and hours are limited.

3) Get 5L Sunlight These are pretty cheap, usually less than $ 20, and they can be very useful if you're doing big. If you leave the sun for a few hours, it will be a hot fall. If it's not hot enough, a cup of nearly-boiling water has to do the trick. Just do not burn yourself! If private life continues to be a cause for concern, you can get a portable data protection shelter of around $ 70, for example Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower / Shelter Combo. It works very well for camping.

4) Solo 465 stainless steel sprayer can be used as a medium-pressure spraying shower. Several people have noted that they should be placed on a stove and heated up, then pressurized, then this shower time. My friend tried to pour this hot water into a 2 liter plastic sprayer and had a very good shower. It uses about 40 ounces per minute, so a 6-minute shower is only two gallons. Another suggestion is to shower Dawn Direct with a soapy soap instead of soap, when it is empty, you can charge your own perfume soap and distilled water. Foaming soap foam is not affected by hard water. And there are meals.

5) Get a daily transfer to a local fitness club. Usually, they only run between $ 5 and $ 10, they are very nice showers, and there is no excuse for not getting a great workout while you're in it!

6) Stop on a Road Or a large gas station, such as Flying J, TA or Pilot, and other pioneers stop comfort for travelers and trucks alike. These are usually one of the finest showers you can get on your way, as you have a lot of hot water and water in your own bathroom. Plus they have their own washbasin and toilet. They provide towels and soap, although they are happy to provide their own supplies. Costs usually range from $ 5 to $ 10 USD. If you are traveling with the other major, they are usually willing to pay for a common room. If you feel a bit hard on cash or courage, you can ask about a truck if you have an extra shower board. Truckers often get a free bucket when they buy gas and get an extra (or sell one or two bucks).

7) Visit a Friend, New Friend and ask for a shower … sure, maybe a funny look but what are your friends?

8) Try "This is a sense of shower head". Still needs water, but this device helps save water. Using a hot shower you can use very little water, which is useful when you are on the road until you feel the cold between the water spray. There is a chain to pull the flow of water from a full spray to a dripping while licking. It's like a dark shower and is great for keeping water.

9) The Zodi Hot Tap Single Burner Traveler Shower runs out of propane and 4D batteries to get a hot shower with a touch of a button. It holds 4 gallons of water, which is good for a 10-minute shower. Costs: $ 130

10) The pool with the hotel sometimes uses a pool with a small pool and is generally equipped with public showers

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