Is There An Alternative to Root Canal?

When the toothpaste is infected, damaged, or destroyed, the dentist usually carries root canal. The pulp is applied to the soft tissue, which leads from the tooth crown to the roots. This part of the tooth is part of the nerves too. The root canal removes the pulp and the nerve. The created space is then filled out. However, the cost of treatment is quite high and most patients do not want one. The good news is that there are some alternatives to the root canal.

When decomposition within the teeth is close to the nerves, usually the procedure is performed. At times, however, your dentist may decide not to have a root canal. Instead, after the decomposition is stopped, the place is filled with soothing or medicated filling. This can help the pain of the nerve. This pain necessitates the procedure. But because of the soothing filling, pain can be prevented. This charge is temporary and after about one month the filling is removed and a constant charge is applied.

If the tooth root is infected, the dentist first attempts to treat the infection with antibiotics. If the infection clears after treatment, the root canal is not performed. Some antibiotics include penicillin and amoxicillin. However, it may take several days for the antibiotic to start. During this time, painkillers would need to relieve pain. Analgesics such as NSAIDs are prescribed. However, if the pain is severe, then we get a stronger analgesic. This alternative root canal is not always possible.

The last alternative is extraction. It is not only a quicker choice but also a lower cost. The extraction can be performed by an oral dentist or a general dentist. After extraction, the dentist may suggest that the person has a bridge, partial denture or implant to fill the gap. This is recommended because the teeth on both sides of the extraction will not be supported and long-term loose or poorly positioned. This replacement can ultimately add to the cost of extraction. Therefore, before you can select the extraction, it is important to talk to your dentist to find out how to replace the tooth.

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