10 Hot Text Send a message to your friend

Would you like to send some hot and sexy text to this guy?

Imagine the power to feel your fingers exciting just in your phone's voice, because you only have a hot and sexy text about yourself, just waiting for your eyes.

Use these 10 hot text messages to find ideas for a guy to think about you all day and to "warm up" for the sake of sexy fun when he comes home.

1. I felt her sweet lips around the world.

2. Go here, big boy. Show me what ur packin

3. Maybe you should do 2nite. I was very, very badly

4. I love you kissing … especially when you kiss xxxxx!

5. UR is so sexy and beautiful!

6. IM free 2nite. Come on and take it off … slowly

7. UR is my favorite szeym game. When can you play?

8. The UR narrow jeans really show their devices. Need more control 2nite

9. Want to see what I want with U? Come across 2nite

10. IM will guide U2nite with an eye, cuff and tongue

This is just the beginning What sexy texts can be sent

] Hot and sexy texts consist of words that bring vibrant sexual images to the guy's mind about all the things you want to do or what he or she loves to do with you.

Send these texts to the guy and enjoy the answer you get. It's bad fun to turn on the guy when you send him hot and sexy texts that you can read anywhere and anytime. He'll be completely confused and thinking with lusty thoughts.

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