Preparing for the Disaster

Whether living in the West of the United States, fires and droughts, as the east coast, and hurricanes and floods, it is likely to experience one or more natural disasters in his life. Preparedness will not take the trial, but it will help restore and sustain it until the damage can be restored. There are three basic ways to prepare for a catastrophe. SAFETY FOR YOU. It may not be possible to detect heavy vases over the kitchen cabinets, bookshelves containing books in the den, or glass spells on the corridor as potential hazards in your home but flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes. may result in injury. Fixing heavy furniture on the wall could have prevented them from pulling someone up. The water heater is fixed to the base of the housing to prevent it from dropping and the pipes to break. If the water heater is damaged, the gas may leak and valuable water may be discharged. Every room in your home can make an inventory to see how to protect the storms and keep your family safe. Remove the heavy objects from the top shelves and place them on the lower shelves. Insert locks into cabinets that contain glass, and capture images, mirrors and other wall hangings with earthquake-proof hooks. Keep shoes or slippers near the bed. If a catastrophe may occur at night, you may have immediate access to it to protect your feet from possible broken glass or sharp metal. In addition, keep the flashlight accessible in all rooms to use as a light source.

2. STORE FOOD, WATER AND EMERGENCY DOCUMENTS. If a catastrophe occurs, it is likely that food stores are for a while behind the commission. You may have to rely on some food for a while. Store your favorite food in your family and keep some extra hands during chaos or insecurity. Store the water in case the water supply is dirty. Store drinking and hygiene and cooking needs. They also have first-aid kits, torches and batteries, extra blankets, cash, extra toiletries and women's supplies, manual opening opener and any other basic needs that may be on the spot. It would be a good idea to wipe a wrench off all utilities such as power and gas.

3. FAMILY PLAN. Whether you are preparing a firefighting plan or developing a strategy for evacuation, create a family plan for any type of disaster. Investigate your possible scenarios of potential emergencies with your families. Create well-thought out solutions that keep your family safe and help each other get in touch with each other if you ever divorce. Be a meeting place or a major contact person, such as grandparents or family members residing abroad, to get in touch with their individual status. Do not forget to keep pets and talk about family planning with your family members. First of all, believe that if you and your family are ready, it becomes difficult for them to become more viable.

Source by Sherry Allred

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