Women's Power Bloggers – Today's Successful Female Bloggers – Part I

According to the Pew Internet Project PIP blogging report, 46% of bloggers are growing up and numbers are growing every day. However, many female bloggers are slightly upset about lack of recognition. After a week of research, I finally asked myself why women are not the internet? Of the blog rankings except for fashion and celebrity blogs, 12% of women on average appear in the top 100 of the list. And some sources have the nerve to think that fashion blogs are "stylish personal diaries." After some research, I realized why so many bloggers and readers are seeing women bloggers differently than men today: Many men bloggers are not related to women bloggers

  • Less than 10% of women political bloggers
  • 60% of blogs created by blogs are considered "personal diaries"
  • Nearly 88% of top bloggers are white Americans.
  • Instead of analyzing RSS feeds and searching for a list after the list, I decided to go directly to the source to get more answers and find out, how successful women bloggers have achieved, how do they reach their readers, and what they think of the discrimination of professional female bloggers in today's blog community.

    I communicated with four very different female bloggers (Chanel Ward / Hip Candy, Charlene Li / Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, Michele Obi / My Fashion Life and Julie Strietelmeier / The Gadeteer) asked them:

    1. What is the focus of the blog and why did you choose this cab?
    2. If you could write your readers in three or fewer sentences, what would you say?
    3. How has blogging developed with your career?
    4. On average, only 12% of female bloggers are listed on the top 100 lists. Why do you think so?
    5. If you could give a female blogger a word today, what would that be?

    After talking to these women, I realized that a "power blogger" has nothing to do with the rankings on the list, but the quality of their posts and the reader's awareness. and the ability to fame and fortune to go beyond and stay true to the subject. This is part of a series of two women's bloggers who have changed the world's views and readers. Chanel Ward's Hip-Hop Candy and Charlene Li from Groundswell: Winner in a World Transformed by Social Technologies "

    Chanel Ward / Hip Candy

    It's hard to chose from one of my favorite blogs, but Hip Candy is very close to my heart. It's a sweet word … but not a fattening like a trip to the blog owner, Chanel Ward, Hip Candy is fresh, exciting and new.

    Fashion Designer / Graphic / Writer Chanel Ward was featured in the magazine's most popular staff in 2008 for a good reason he was one of the finalists of the American Next Top Model Interviews and Project Runaway's favorite blogs, this fashionista has been invited to get to know and write about the Fashion Week and is about to launch the much-anticipated clothing line Hip Couture The flaming blog and career of personality and style trail enjoy your life, but do not take my word.

    1. What is the focus of the blog and why did you choose this special niche? The Hipline is at the heart of the tagline. Fashion. Celebrity. Entertainment. Me. This is basically what I blog in a nutshell! I like to have fun blogging fun! I chose this niche because my background in Fashion Design (the Los Angeles Design and Merchandising Fashion Institute, 1999- http://www.fidm.com ) and I've always been interested in the culture of celebrity so that it I thought it would be an adventure to launch an entertainment site that would concentrate on these things, but it would keep up with what was happening in the industry. Hip Candy is a fun forum for readers to share their views on fashion (the latest trends, fashion …) celebrity (what they wore!) The latest events of entertainment, a little bit of what happens to me as a good measure.

    2. If you could write your readers in three sentences or less, what would you say?

    I was surprised to find that recently, some of my readers are as young as 12 years old! But I also found more "experienced" readers, more than 50 years of age, and all ages (and sexes). Hip Candy readers are very persuasive. Although most of them generally agree with most of the things I say, and "wax poets," they do not always agree with everything I've put down and that's okay! There are different differences of opinion that make us unique! One of my most commented posts (69 posts at the last count) has strong expectations from start to finish ( http://hipcandy.blogspot.com/2007/03/style-verdict-hethero-men-In heels.html ) Anyone who takes the busy day to click on Hip Candy, read an entry and share your opinion more than okay with me.

    3. How has blogging developed with your career?

    Wow. It's such a question! I never thought of myself as a "writer," but after launching Hip Candy I started to let myself think differently. My blog has reached the levels I would not have imagined when I started. I thought it was just a fun hobby. The answer since I started was phenomenal! Very humble. Some more informative advances were: 1) exposing masses to "Top Model" interviews 2) gaining credibility and inviting Fashion Week on my coverage of my blog as well as solid reading 3) Same reading reading by Hip Candy 4) paid paid travels at exhibitions and events (http://blogs.dreambrizo.com/kbis_2007/) 5) recognition and recognition of magazines, and ultimately 6) built-in recognition of names for future dresses! Blogging really was a surprise and a blessing, and I'm waiting for more in 2008!

    4. On average, only 12% of female bloggers featured on the top 100 lists. Why do you think this was not? 19459014

    I have not heard this stats yet, but it's quite startling because I heard about half of people are currently logging people. I do not really know why they do not see more women in the best bloggers. I like finding this. I want to find out what women are, we could do the game level. I'm not as private as I would like when blog rankings work. I've made a few listings in the past, ( http: //www.customizedgirl.com/blog/), unless a site such as Technorati ranking blogs on several different statistics-based criteria does not know how much keeps weight. They always say I'm always grateful to get into the "highest" list of people, no matter what criteria they are!

    5. If you could give advice to women bloggers for a day, what would that be? My advice to female bloggers would be if I did not give up! So many of us who have a strong voice on any topic will start dragging their blogs away and never see the impossible results. Without you being a celebrity, no one starts with millions of readers! I'm still chasing this myself! Therefore, it is definitely a process and a growing part of the process of pain. I remember when my mother and some of my friends make up the integrity of my readers. But if you place good content, readers will always follow. Believe in yourself and what you are doing! Especially if you like it.

    Charlene Li / Calm in social transformation world Charlene Li knows what she is talking about and she is passionate about it. Charlize is a technology expert in blogs and social networks and uses this knowledge for Forrest Marketing and his research team .

    Charlene not only wrote about her passion but also learned about the trends and methods around the cab. He is one of the most cited analysts and has appeared on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, CNN, NPR and BBC, and The Wall Street, The New York Times and BusinessWeek -Find. In fact, with Charlene's biography and research, she advertised a 60-minute segment advertisement, Charlene was the backdrop of the story. Reader Charlene's blog personally presented my career as the company's leading technology leader and has constantly updated innovative marketing solutions through social networks and blogs. It is a great honor for me to spend time reading my readers about women and blogs.

    1. What is the focus of the blog and why did you choose this special niche? The focus is primarily on the development of interactive and social technologies, primarily for marketing purposes. Recently, the focus is on the use of social technologies and supports the new book I will publish in April 2008. The blog is the extension of my work by Forrester Research.

    2. If you can write your readers in three or more sentences, what to say? [3] There are three very specific readers: 1) Interactive and social technologies are primarily entrepreneurs in marketing; 2) Huge press and bloggers; 3) Leaders thinking in the field who can be trained for research purposes.

    3. How has blogging developed with your career?

    Oh, so many ways! Beyond the restricted Forrester customer base, I've made it visible and extended my enormous effects. I have contacts that I would never have taken without the blog. And I consistently rely on researching a community that does not exist elsewhere. As such, I can get faster research than anyone else in the industry.

    4. On average, only 12% of female bloggers featured on the top 100 lists. Why do you think so? 19459014

    I thought that only 12% of the best bloggers are women. This is basically about who gives the list. And frankly, why does it matter if you're a "top" blogger? The most important thing is to know who your reader is and better serve them better than anyone else. I will allow you to be on the Technorati 100 list, but in my field it is definitely the "highest blogger".

    Is there another way to see if women are the most important bloggers themselves? If the stat is 12% of women bloggers believe that the best bloggers, then there is a self-esteem problem!

    5. If you would give women bloggers a day, what would that be?

    Be true to you and the reader. Nothing is worse than a blogger who is pursuing something that is not.

    Source by Tierra Montgomery

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