Wildlife in Jim Corbett National Park

In the Corbett National Park, tiger, leopard, crocodile, elephant and deer can jump in the camera. The wonderful River Ramganga passes through the Corbett National Park. Mahaseer (species type) is found in the fresh stream of the Ramganga River.

The best time to visit the Corbett National Park in mid-November until the end of June. During the winter, the temperature is between 7 ° C and 29 ° C. Up to 40 ° C in the summer. Dhikala is the main hunting ground for the Corbett Tiger Reserve, closed until the middle of June until mid-November due to heavy rainfall at Uttaranchal.

Visit Jhirna and Sitabani between July and October [buffer zone] to enjoy Wildlife Safari. At that time, there was a misty atmosphere that seems very romantic and adventurous. This time, the Dhikuli village can stay in its own resort and enjoy the foggy rain of Uttarakhand. What a great experience.

The city of Ramnagar is directly connected to Delhi by road and rail. It takes 6-7 hours to get to Delhi by road and train.

Location: Ramnagar (Nainital District) in Uttarakhand

Sights: Tigers and Crocodiles, Bird Watching, Fishing, Jeep Safari, Canter Safari, Elephant Safari, Dhikala Grassland, Leopard

] The best time to visit: from mid-November to last June.

How to Get There:

By Road:
The Corbett Park is approx. It is 295 km from Delhi. It only takes 6-7 hours from Delhi.

By Train
The Ranikhet Express runs between Delhi and Ramnagar. It starts from Delhi at 10:30 and arrives at 4.35 o'clock the next day. The train departs from Ramnagar at 21.05 and arrives at Delhi the following day at 5 pm.

By plane:
The nearest domestic airport is Pantnagar. About Corbett Park It is 50 km away. The International Airport (New Delhi) is just 295 km from Corbett National Park.

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